Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Picture Tag

Jen at Tidbits of the Tippets tagged me for this picture tag a few days ago, and I am finally getting a round to getting it posted.

The only rule is there is no cleaning allowed before you take the pictures. Scary, huh? Without further ado, here is my completed tag.

1.Dream vacation - I think this is supposed to be a vacation I have actually taken, so I will say Cozumel. What's better than sitting on a relatively private beach in front of a fabulous resort, sharing the experience with the one you love, drinking a fruity drink, and reading a book on a white, sandy beach?

2. Self Portrait - Okay, my husband thought I was crazy for taking my own picture, but he thinks I'm crazy anyway!

3. What the kids are doing right now. No, this isn't them. They're not here! But this is what they're doing. They're on their way to Nebraska with their grandmother.

This is what my daughter and I did before she left. I played cards with my son, but I don't have a picture of that.

4. Closet - This is part of my husband's closet, and he probably wouldn't be too happy that I'm showing everyone. It's hard to get a good angle of his closet, so you're only seeing half of it.

5. Favorite room - My fav. room in my house is my bedroom BECAUSE it is usually the neatest room in the house!

6. Favorite shoes - I can't pick one! My husband likes to call me Imelda Marcos, but I'm not that bad! I have cute shoes, but so often I just get lazy and wear the same pair every day for comfort. These black ones would be comfortable if it weren't for the strap, but the ones on the right are NOT comfortable no matter what. The ones on the left are comfy.

7. Laundry room -only mine is a partial room. I wish I had more space! And again, the camera angle! Hard to get a decent picture.

8. Bathroom - Again the only one that stays relatively neat (although not in this picture) is the master bath.

9. Sink - Oh, do I have to show you? Okay. Here's a close-up of the powder room (half bath) sink downstairs. I'm not taking a picture of the kitchen sink!

10. Refrigerator - Do you really want to see? This is before I went grocery shopping.

On to the tagging! Anyone who wants to play, consider yourself tagged, but come back here and let me know you played so I can come see your post.

I'm going to SPECIFICALLY tag Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie (because I want to steal organizational ideas from her), Laura at Lunatic Fringe (because I know she's been cleaning this week, so her house if probably in great shape), and Latree at Dandelion (because I know she likes to take pictures, and since she lives on the other side of the world from me, I know her post will be interesting). Can you play, Ladies?

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  1. Hello! Okay as a rule I don't normally do tags but you know this one looks absolutely too fun to pass up!

  2. Yay! I love it!! Thanks for playing! Your self picture is great! NO FAIR! :) Your house is clean and neat as well! I enjoyed seeing your take on this tag! Shoot and that's your fridgebefore shopping? That's what mine looks like after shopping! My poor poor family! LOL!

  3. Ok - I promise to do this soon...right now, I have very clean carpets - but the rest, well, not blog worthy!!!

    what a fun meme - way to go...I so enjoy getting to see and know my bloggy pals better through these.

    Hope all is well.

  4. Hello there! I just want to make a visit to all those who are in my blog roll!
    Nice tag!


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