Monday, July 31, 2023

Random Happy Tuesday

 VERY random here!  First, all pathology on my procedure was benign.  Hip, hip, hooray!

 I've been hearing the same commercials over and over (while I watch Astros baseball).  Two of them have me scratching my head.

First, the Chevy commercial (steal my sunshine).  I looked up the lyrics, and not only is it a very weird song to use in a car commercial, but it uses the word "tribal" in one verse.  The other commercial is for Coca-Cola and uses a song that is called "My Tribe."  (Links above are for the commercials I'm referencing.)

Is the use of "tribal" and "tribe" not cultural appropriation?  If the Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians, isn't the word "tribe" as used here socially inappropriate?  Sometimes I think too much, and I'm thinking Coke should go back to teaching the world to sing!

Some of these funnies might leave you scratching your head!

I would never do that! It reminds me of when Ariana Grande licked a donut and put it back. Yuk!

Me, except for the "bed by 8" part.

And last, but not least,

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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Crafty Creating

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This week I made each of my granddaughters castle shadowboxes using a cut file I purchased from The Bearded Housewife.  These were so much fun! They will likely be Christmas presents.  I hope they love them!

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Happy Random Tuesday

 A day late and a dollar short!

I'm sitting here listening to the sounds of mowers in my neighborhood reminding me it's still summer even though it feels like it's flying by.

Of course "summer" is a relative term in Texas.  Historically speaking, the only month that has been consistently cold is January.  Wearing shorts on Thanksgiving and Christmas is not unheard of. Spring nd Fall last a week if we're lucky.  So... it's all relative.

Besides, Texas teachers report back to work (in most cases) in three short weeks!  I'm so glad I'm retired!

I finally finished the shirt I talked about making.  It's been done for a while except for the hem, but I finished it yesterday.  Not sure I like it, but I did it!  I haven't made clothing for myself since high school (ancient history).

I had my "repeat surgery" last week.  In April, my previous doctor botched what should have been a fairly routine outpatient procedure.  I'll see my new doctor tomorrow for results and follow up.

Moving right along...

A couple of days ago, I think "Richard" delivered my package.  There was a photo and a message saying my product was delivered, but it wasn't a photo of my house!  I have no idea whose house it was because they didn't bring my product to me which is unusual.  I still don't have it!


Speaking of mowing lawns...

And last, but not least...

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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Fun Photos! Cozumel

 Cozumel, January, 2023.  We're going back at the end of September.

Copyright @Forgetfulone, 2023

This is the camera I used to take these photos: Canon EOS Rebel

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Random and Happy Tuesday


My daughter's surgery went well.  She went through it with bravery and grace.  The doctor showed us a photo of her thyroidd gland. The left side was considerably larger than the right, and we could actually see what the cancer was doing to her thyroid.  Eye-opening!  Check your neck! They found hers when she had a case of tonsilitis.

 My botched surgery re-do is today, and I'm not feeling all that brave  Last time I ended up with a hole punctured into my uterus.  A different doctor is doing my surgery and I'm having it done at a different place as well.  But I'm still nervous.

My sweet father-in-law passed away a week ago, and my mom has been in the hospital one day short of a week.  Our family needs some good mojo!  I'm trying not to whine and complain.  We just need a break!

In other news, country singer Jason Aldean cut his Connecticut concert short due to "heat exhaustion."  He then admitted he'd been out playing golf all day.  I'm sure it gets hot on stage, but the high temperature in Connecticut Sunday was only 85 degrees at 3PM.  High temp here near Houston today was 101 with a heat index of 108.  Methinks there is more to the story.

How about we just get happy with some funnies?

I wonder if that was me in my family...

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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Sunday Synopsis


MercyMercy by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As I started reading this book, I thought the storyline sounded familiar. Nah. I wouldn't buy a book I've already read!

Welp. Yes I did! I read this book nine years ago! As I was reading about Jamie who helped his wife to die (euthanasia), I realized it was too familiar. Luckily for me, I keep up with all my books on Goodreads, and I was able to look up to see if I already read it (yes) and what I thought about it.

The story is not only about euthanasia, although it might have been better if it were. It was also about unfaithfulness. It gave me Outlander vibes, too. The sherriff of the town is also laird of a Scottish clan that were exiled from Scotland over Bonnie Prince Charlie after the Battle of Culoden. Most of the clan relocated to a small town in the United States. I wish they had focused more on the Scottish history!

I would liked it more if there hadn't been the extra plot with Cam and Mia. Some of these characters were just unlikable. As I neared the end, I started to worry, what if the author doesn't tell us the verdict? I wouldn't have that! But she did (Thank you, Ms. Piccoult.) And it was the verdict I was hoping for. There seemed to be some unfished business with Cam and Allie, but they didn't matter as much to me. This was a slow-starting book, but it got better. Pretty good story!

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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Fun Photos

These photos were taken at my daughter's wedding in November, 2020 at Morgan Falls in Alvin, Texas.

Prayer before ceremony... No peeking!

The beginning of happily ever after.

Please  pray for my daughter as she undergoes surgery today to remove her thyroid due to cancer.  She just turned 27 and has a long life ahead, I pray.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Happy and Random!


While there are a number of things that are happening right now that are definitely not happy (the passage of my father-in-law, my mom's dementia, my daughter's cancer surgery, my own procedure) I am going to try to be positive, if not happy. 

This little cutie gives me positive vibes!  I put this decal on my Cricut machine on Sunday, and it makes me smile!

This has nothing to do with anything but how do you feel about hacks?  It used to be that a hack was a bad things.  But now, it's a good thing. It was once used to mean someone who wasn't good at their job.  "Oh, he's a hack!"  It could also mean to cut into pieces or to cough roughly.  Also, it means someone who has broken into computer or digital files like a thief.  That's not what's on my mind, though.

The word hack got hacked!  Now it's a good thing, too!  According to Merriam Webster, a hack is a "simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently."  Who knew?

There are life hacks, painting hacks, Dollar Tree hacks, car repair hacks, cleaning hacks, and about a million others.  I wonder why they use the word hack when it originally had such a negative connotation.  Why can't they just call them "tips," or "ideas?"

Moving right along...
Poor kid!


In honor of the Heat Dome we are under

Last, but not least,

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