Friday, August 25, 2006

Let's talk money

I made it through my third week of teaching. Yes, we here in Texas have been back in school 2 and a half, almost three, weeks. Next year, this will be the week we start due to a new state law. Thank goodness! We'll actually get a whole summer.

Some people are under the misguided notion that teachers get paid in the summer. Technically, we don't. I do get a check year round, but I only get paid a daily rate for 187 school days. That's not including the extra inservice and staff development training they tack on early and on weekends. So, I get a certain rate paid for those 187 days, but I choose to spread it out over 12 months. I have worked in a district that didn't pay except for 9 months of the year, and then, only once a month, and let me tell you, that takes some budgeting expertise!

I have been working again since August 10th, and I will finally get a paycheck on September 5th. That's wacky!

What will we do with this "newfound" money? Never fall behind on bills, for one! I want to replace our house door to the garage, get new siding, and replace the air conditioner. I figure we could do all that before next summer. But, then again, we will have one going off to college next year for which my husband and his ex did no financial planning at all, so who knows? We need to plan for the 8th grader, too. I've already started college funds for the fifth graders, thanks to my dad, God love him.

Have any of you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? If not, I suggest you listen to him on AM radio. He has a web site, but it's not nearly the same as hearing him. And if your church or community offers Financial Peace University, it's worth it! I feel much more capable of managing my money than I did before I took it. I'm no longer a slave to credit cards. I want my money to work smarter so I don't have to work harder. It' s not so much that he says anything new, that he puts it in layman's terms, and he has been in debt before, and I'm proud to say I am almost completely debt free except for the house note. His seminar is based on several Biblical principles as well. He's going to be in town in our area in October, but I think we already have plans that weekend. I'd love to see him in person rather than just on DVD or radio. He is a very humorous and dynamic speaker.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Back to Teaching

It's been almost 2 months since I checked in here. That's how long it's been since I had a few minutes to sit down and actually think and write!

Things in the home are off and on good and bad. It's hard blending families. My dh and I often disagree on parenting issues. And, as usual, I am feeling overworked and underappreciated. I worked this summer at a part time job, 35 hours a week, and two weeks ago, I returned to teaching full time. Yet, the family still treats me as if I am at their beck and call.

I guess I do complain too much. It's hard to find something to be excited about when there are disagreements in the home, but I'm going to try.

I have done some cool activities with my 6th grade language arts students already. We've done color-coding activities, watched a TV interview to set up our own scenarios, looked at pix on the Internet to help us understand what we were reading about, classroom games, cooperative groups, and even a scavenger hunt, all related to grammar, writing, reading, and spelling, so they are actually seeing why they have to learn it! It's taking an awful lot of work and preparation on my part, but I love it when the kids think my class is fun! Especially since I know they're learning at the same time. I think students need to keep having fun learning instead of being bored in class every single day. If we can keep their enthusiasm up for learning, their futures will be brighter and so will ours!

I will admit I am having to remind myself daily that they are still sixth graders, so I need to cut them more slack than I would an 8th grader. Intermediate school (junior high) is such a huge change from what they did in 5th grade. There are major adjustments going on in all their lives. And with the twins in 5th grade this year, I'm trying to be the kind of teacher I would want my kids to have.

As for my soap operas, I have hardly seen them in two weeks. I tape them sometimes, but I don't have time to watch! Plus, my son is in football and I'm coaching my daughter's cheerleader squad. We have church, of course, and there is a Bible Institute class I'd like to start next week on Wednesdays. We still have to find time for piano and girl scouts, drama festivals, choir shows, not to mention the senior activities of my eldest step-daughter - who, by the way, is at the age where we know nothing and she knows everything. And I'll tell you one more thing where she's concerned... I hate MYSPACE! Enough said.

So, there are good things in my life right now, but we're going through a rough patch or a growing pain, if you will. Please pray for me and my family. Toodles!


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