Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Random Tuesday

What a week it's been! I'm hoping for some relief from the monotony by linking up with Stacy for some random thoughts.

If you read my blog every now and then, you know I've been working part-time at a retail fabric and craft store since last summer, even though I am now retired from teaching.  Well... I worked through last Tuesday, but I haven't been back for a week.  I wasn't feeling well Wednesday last week (headache), and I was scheduled some days off to spend with my daughter who was here from Dallas.  I was supposed to return yesterday, but I called Sunday and told them I wouldn't be coming in for a while, probably weeks.  It all depends on the threats we continue to have from this virus.  My husband had already been asking me for a week to tell them I couldn't come in.

Can you believe people are out shopping - and not just for groceries, medicine, water, and toilet paper - but frivolous shopping.  I couldn't believe when my co-worker told me the store had lots of customers like usual.  Don't they understand the risk?  Apparently not.

Texas has not yet been hit as hard as New York, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, and California.  Or, actually... maybe we have because my step-son who is an ER nurse said they haven't gotten any of their test results back, so the numbers are inaccurate until they do.

Speaking of numbers, if you want to know the breakdown by country and state including number of viruses, number being treated, number who were not so lucky, I found this website.  It's pretty accurate as far as current statistics go.

And if you haven't yet seen what a wet market is and why it's a breeding ground for disease, this business insider article sheds some light on that.  You may not want to know, though.

My daughter and I are still making plans for her wedding.  We still need to hire a caterer, but we've decided which one we want so it's a matter of calling and reserving their services.  The wedding won't take place until November, so we are hoping and praying that our "new normal" does not last that long.  We have 7 and a half months.  I thought we had longer.  If it looks like things are still dire, she will get married at the courthouse and have the wedding next year.  We have a plan B, thankfully.

I'm watching a lot of news lately, but it gets old fast, so I am also watching Outlander and trying to catch up to the current season of Better Call Saul.  I also watch Law and Order reruns as well as true crime shows such as Snapped and Dateline.  I color every day.  I love that. I read.  I've also been doing a little sewing.  I made this cute baby blanket for my new granddaughter.  White on one side, I love Mommy/Daddy and elephant on other side, satin trim.

How are you staying busy?

Ready for some funnies?  We could all use a laugh right now!

So corny!

My kind of humor!


That's about right!


And last, an example of what my cat does almost daily...
Stay well this week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

A Little Random, but not Really

Wow!  What can I say?  The word I have been hearing multiple times a day for over a week now regarding the coronavirus situation is unprecedented.  We are in uncharted waters.

Here in my area, we have 69 confirmed cases, but that is probably a gross underestimate due to the lack of testing, and due to the fact that some people may think they have a cold or flu.  Thankfully, most people will recover, but please, if you have shortness of breath and fever, get checked out!

I am not in panic mode yet, but the city is getting that way.  The Austin South by Southwest music festival was cancelled.  Even the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (and concerts) were closed for the first time in their 88 year history.

Today, all bars and nightclubs in my area have been closed down by order of the county.  And schools are closed until, at minimum, April 10, but they will reevaluate that about a week before.  Our malls and grocery stores closed early today and will continue to do so unless they close completely.   A few restaurants are closed, but that number will probably grow.

My husband, among many others, is working remotely for the foreseeable future.  My part-time retail job is still open, but my daughter's company has closed their doors for a while.  I feel so awful for her.  And to top it off, the wedding planning for November may have to come to a halt.  We had five or six appointments set up for later this week, but that may not happen.

Have you seen the news about a guy who stock-piled 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer and trying to resell them on Amazon and eBay?  They shut him down for price gouging.  Thank goodness!  I don't like when people do that.  He was whining about being unable to sell them (He got $70 for one bottle).  Oh, boo hoo!  He finally donated them

But I'm going to be optimistic and say that this time next month, we will be getting back to normal.  Please, God, let that be the case.

Feel free to link up with Stacy like I am doing!
Falling asleep as I type.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Synopsis

Sara's Game (Sara Winthrop, #1)Sara's Game by Ernie Lindsey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not a bad book. I was surprised. I had read somewhere (I don't remember where) that this was a good psychological thriller, and I found a pretty good deal on the trilogy, so I dove right in.

Sara Winthrop's husband left for work one day two years ago and was never seen again. He just disappeared. Sara continued working at the video game company, which sounds pretty exciting... until she has to play the game in real life. One day, as she is leaving work, there is a note under her windshield. It says, "Do you want to play the game?" If she wins the game, her children, who have been taken from their schools, will be returned to her.

From that point, the reader is off on a wild ride with three levels designed to physically and mentally challenge Sara, even though the ending has already been determined.

While I liked this book, I did have to swallow a few details that were more than just a little unbelievable, but it did leave me guessing for a while, and it did have a satisfying conclusion. I think that the character development could have been better. I have the other two books in the series, but the first one didn't leave me dieing to read them, so they will have to wait.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Random Tuesday Again!

Hello!  Hello!  I'm linking up with Stacy for some randomness.

I can't believe I went two whole weeks without posting anything! I've been wanting to post my Sunday Synopsis, but I just can't get through a book that I like well enough to talk about!  Hopefully, I'll have something this Sunday.

Yes, I am retired, but I'm busy as ever!  Doing some crafts and sewing, working about 25 hours a week at my part-time job (remember, since July, I was working this job plus teaching, now just the fun job!), spending time with family, making wedding plans with my daughter, helping my son look for a job, getting a good night's rest most nights,  and doing a little bit of nothing, too!  Life's great!

Except for this coronavirus mess aka COVID-19.  I don't know anyone that has it, of course, but I've been listening to my sister stress over an upcoming long vacation/cruise to Tahiti and Hawaii.  I don't think I would travel right now.  She can't get her money back, but she can get travel credits.  My husband was told to work remotely one day last week so they can test the network activity with large numbers of people remoting in to the servers in case it comes to that.  Hand sanitizer is completely gone from most stores, although I don't really think that will help.  I'm just not really sure how to feel about it all.  I just hope this passes before the wedding.  We only have 8 months.

How about your community?  Any big fear of the virus or any preparation for just-in-case goin on?

And now this...
This cracked me up!  Maybe I'm showing my age!
So thankful I'm not teaching anymore!

Again, maybe showing my age with a musical pun!

If you're from the south, you can relate!

Till next time!


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