Tuesday, May 21, 2024


 I love that my orchids are blooming simultaneously.  I actually thought one of them was dead, but it's got several buds about to bloom.

That's our oregano in the background.

That's our basil in the background.

I don't have a green thumb AT ALL so this makes me happy!

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Monday, May 20, 2024

Write Home


At dinner last night, as I was describing something I was eating, I said, "It's okay.  Nothing to write home about."  Wow!  I doubt if young people now would even know what I meant!

Something ordinary.  That's what I meant.  Not special.  But, as it refers to writing home... most young people don't write letters anymore.  In fact, many of them go weeks without even checking their mailboxes.  And why would they?  Texting is immediate, easy, and you don't have to put postage on it!

For me, though, there's just something appealing about writing letters. And I write them in cursive!  And who doesn't like to get happy mail?  Assuming you even check your mail anymore. Do you remember the last time you wrote a letter?

Moving right along... I need to do this so I won't be forgetful anymore!

I really relate to this!  Anyone else?

Stepping on jacks! Painful!  But playing was fun!

Had to sneak a corny joke in here!

Have a great week!
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Monday, May 13, 2024

Do You Love it to Death?


What a strange expression!  I think we all know that, "I love you to death!" is an expression of strong love, attachment, and devotion, but I decided to look it up.  One person, in an opinion post on the Free Dictionary by Farlex, says it means, and I quote, "...you will kill something with too much love, or you love something so much that your love will be what kills it.  

I totally REJECT that "definition."  Too morose!

But does it mean that I love you until I die, or I love you until you die?  Or is it just that I love you until we are, in some way, parted by death?  Hmm.  I'm curious.  What do you think?

Moving right along...

This is funny!

Dude, Where's my Car?

We had those bowls when I was a kid!

This cracked me up!

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P. S.  If you're keeping up, Yes, I am still in the boot for my broken foot but not the sling for my shoulder.  I'm in PT for that. 

Monday, May 06, 2024

Feast Your Eyes!

 Where did we get the term "Feast your eyes,"?  A feast is something sumptuous like a grand buffet of delectable food.  A feast is something enjoyed through taste.  So, obviously it's not literal. 


As you may know, it is usually said when presenting something special, possibly something the presenter has worked hard to produce. When it is presented, people look at it with great enjoyment or attraction. You are delighted at the sight of something.

The consensus seems to be that the first written account of this idiom was from Shakespeare's Sonnet 47 where he says, "With my love's picture then my eye doth feast." Your eyes metaphorically consume something beautiful.

I've always wondered how and why it became an idiom, so I'm slightly disappointed that the results aren't more exciting. So let's just move along.

As for my predicament:  The sling is off and I am going to physical therapy (partial shoulder replacement).  I still have remnants of a cold/cough.  And my foot is still broken, and I won't know for a few weeks whether I will need surgery.  If the two bones get a winder space, I will.  If they come together, I won't.  Now  all that depressing stuff is out of the way...

Remember how we were all so worried that Y2K was going to wreak electronic havoc?

I admit, it's happened to me!  And my husband actually got in someone else's care once thinking it was me!  LOL

Maybe that's why I have a broken foot!  All these years of doing my own stunts! 

I think my socks were absent that day.

Nope.  Never!

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