Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

13 Random True Things About Me…

1. IMHO, it is too hot to be November! We’ll have a high in the 80’s today, but we were down in the 40’s two days ago. This back-and-forth Texas weather drives me crazy!

2. I love Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream! Creamy peanut butter flavored ice cream with Reese’s minis in it. Yum!

3. I’m so excited that I am taking my son on his first college visit to the University of Texas at San Antonio next week.

4. I’m also super-excited that I will get to see my daughter’s color guard team (and the band, of course) perform at state finals.

5. I’m not excited about having to go to court today.

6. I have started my Christmas shopping already.

7. My students just finished reading nonfiction about the Titanic. They loved it. Did you know that last April was the 100th anniversary of its sinking?

8. I’m looking forward to watching Madagascar 3 on DVD this weekend.

9. I voted two days ago. It’s the first time I have ever voted early.

10. I’m enjoying helping my son raise his FFA goat. And I’m so proud of the way he gets up early every morning to go to the barn to take care of it.

11. I like to buy my chicken breasts from Schwan’s. Theirs are so juicy and tender and have almost no fat unlike the ones at the grocery store.

12. I did a computer lesson with my students last week called “Survivor-Titanic Style.” It was fun!

13. Speaking of Survivor, I don’t watch that show, The Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, American Idol, or really any of that type reality show. I just can’t get interested in it. I’m probably the only female on the planet that doesn’t watch at least one of those shows!

Happy November!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (Well, Almost)

That's my girl!
We are going to STATE finals!
UIL Band and Color Guard
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Christmas Giveaways at 5 Minutes 4 Mom

5 Minutes for Mom is gearing up for another season of giving.  First, they have their Under the Tree program which helps families in need.  Also, they have Christmas Giveaways for blog readers (you don't have to be a blogger to participate).  These giveaways will begin on November 1st, so you'll want to check back daily for new postings and comment on the ones you'd like to win.  They always have a great list of prizes, so go over and read the requirements and be ready to get started!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aloha Friday

Friday is the day they take it easy in Hawaii where the host of Aloha Friday, Kailani, lives.  So, I'll ask a simple question, nothing that requires too much information, and I would love to read your answers in comments.  Play along if you'd like!

What is your favorite time of year and why?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

I have been soooo tired lately. I wonder why? Hmmmmm.
Image Credit - I want to buy this shirt!

1. Working with sixth graders all day, every day, many of them with special needs.
2. Driving my kids where they need to go whether it's church youth group, practice, a game.
3. Feeding and exercising the FFA goat a couple of time this week.
4. Working the concession stand at the football game.
5. Chaperoning a game and marching contest twice in 8 days.
6. Typing a major paper for my son.
7. Contacting parents and all the documentation that goes with it..
8. Attending meetings, three in the last seven days, and two more coming up in the next 2 days.
9. Developing lessons and entering them into our new program (takes hours).
10. Analyzing test results of 100 students, question by question.
11. Using my conference time to go buy lunch for co-workers.
12. A trip to the feed store, grocery store, and a couple of trips to Walgreens/CVS.
13.  Going to Bible study during the week, which is the one thing I can say is good for my soul.

All this plus the usual: dishes, laundry, house-cleaning, etc.!

I have to remind myself that this crazy-busy time won't last forever!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy 10, 11, 12 Day

Why was six afraid of seven?
Because seven ate nine!
My childish humor!
Happy 10-11-12 day!


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