Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Brother in Law is Dieing as I Write This

My husband's younger brother (younger - he's my age!) is in serious need of prayer. While riding his bicycle home (I think he has "environmental reasons" for using a bike instead of a car), from a Padres game (they live in San Diego), his bike collided with a stationary object. He had internal bleeding, and they removed his spleen. He also has a collapsed lung and fluid on the brain, so his prognosis is bleak at this point.

We need prayer. We ask for anyone who reads this to intercede and ask the Lord to heal John. If that is not in His plan, we ask then for comfort for the family, both parents, three brothers and their wives and children, and John's own wife Kristy. We ask for peace. We ask God for His loving arms to wrap us in security in a time of need. With the whole family here in Houston except for John, some of us have been scrambling to try to get out there to support his wife. It's been three days since the accident, so I won't give up hope, but if healing isn't in God's Divine Plan, I pray that we can all deal with the loss.

My father passed a year and a half ago. I can't imagine what it will be like to lose a child or a sibling, especially at such a young age and in such unusual circumstances. Thanks for your prayers.


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