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Sunday Synopsis - The Sound and the Fury


The Sound and the FuryThe Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

The Sound and the Fury is a novel in four parts. Parts 1, 3, and 4 are set on 3 consecutive days in 1928 while part 2 is set in 1910. The novel centers on the Compson family, or more specifically, their downfall.

I just HAD to re-read this classic. I started and stopped twice before I finally MADE myself read it through to the end. 

I was assigned this book in ninth grade advanced English, and I have no idea how I read it. Maybe I didn't. At times, the vocabulary is very complex. Add that to the "stream of consciousness" technique, and it's a real winner (sarcasm). Our teacher must have had to explain everything to us (even in an advanced class). It's that confusing. I had to consult several online references just to figure out what was going on and if what I thought was happening was actually correct. Some of the same events occur in multiple parts of the story because they are written from different points-of-view.

With events such as promiscuity, incest, theft, laziness, unplanned pregnancy, divorce, blatant racism including the "N" word, and sexual tension, I wonder how it was never banned at my school.

The Compson Family consists of...
There was a movie of this book in 1959 and a remake in 2014

  • Jason Compson III - Father, patriarch, lawyer, congregational minister, and alcoholic.
  • Caroline Compson - Jason's wife, a self-absorbed hypochondriac who can be quite mean
  • Quentin Compson III - First born son. The family sells part of their land in order to send him to Harvard. Harvard was his mother's dream, not Quentin's, but he does not get a choice. He is embarrassed by his sister's unplanned pregnancy. He commits suicide.
  • Candace (Caddy) Compson - Second child of Jason and Caroline. Sensitive yet hard-headed . She is the only character who really cares for Benjy and Quentin's best friend. She is later banished from the family for having a child out of wedlock.
  • Jason Compson IV - Angry at the world. Bitter. Racist. Preoccupied with money. Dishonest. He embezzles the support money sent for Miss Quentin. Had to become the "man of the house" at a young age. The child that Caroline likes the most.
  • Benjamin (Benjy) Compson - The 4th child who was originally named Maury after his uncle, but they changed his name due to his mental illness. Caddy loves him; he loves Caddy. But she leaves. The family is embarrassed by Benjy, especially his own mother. Yet Benjy demonstrates intuition the other characters lack.
  • Miss Quentin Compson - Daughter of Caddy due to an illicit affair. She goes to live with the Compsons after her mother Caddy and her husband divorce. She was named for her uncle Quentin who had been Caddy's brother and best friend. She is a wild child. Jason is always after her about skipping school and being caught in compromising situations with men.
  • The Servants - Dilsey, her children Versh, Frony, and T.P., and Frony's son Luster.
The theme is the demise of a once-wealthy and powerful Southern family and a loss of their values. You will see recurring symbols and ideas in the book such as time, water, fire, and shadows. However, the ending does complete the story or reveal any final outcome. It was very unsatisfying for me.

The name of the story comes from a soliloquy in Macbeth whose last lines read:
it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

I love this part of Macbeth, and I think that's why I thought I enjoyed this book when I was in school, but I was mistaken. Not only is Benjy an actual "idiot" as they may have called him in those times (and I mean no disrespect), but other characters are also pretty idiotic, in fact, most of them are.

I will not give away any further details of the plot except to quote one section as a demonstration of the complexity of the novel:
Two tears slid down her fallen cheeks, in and out of the myriad coruscations of immolation and abnegation and time.
(Faulkner, William,. The Sound and the Fury (p. 140). GENERAL PRESS. Kindle Edition.)

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Friendly Fill-ins (Halloween is around the corner)


Friendly Fill-ins is hosted by Four Legged Furballs and 15andmeowing who provide the sentence starters.

1. My main concern right now is _________.

2. I plan to _________ for Halloween this year.

3. If I saw a ghost, I would _________.

4. This time of year, _________ is a personal tradition of mine.

1My main concern right now has several pieces: (A) My mom who moved into assisted living 3 months ago and has a few health issues as well as cognitive impairment.  (B) My father-in-law took another fall.  He is 92 and not as steady on his feet as usual.  (C) Myself and many personal issues so I don't have just one main concern.  Let me ask your opinion... How do you feel about people who seek counseling to cope with personal issues?

2For Halloween this year, I plan to turn my outside light off (we hardly got any trick-or-treaters last year anyway, and I can't have leftover candy in the house!).  Mainly, I will be watching game 5 of the World Series.

3If I saw a ghost, I would... honestly, I'd probably freak out a lot.  I feel like I've been in the presence of a ghost before, but I haven't actually SEEN the ghost, so that might be weird.  I don't think ghosts want to hurt us.

4This time of year, a personal tradition of mine is to  put out a properly themed wreath for the upcoming season and to make some decorations and other items to give to friends and family (and some for myself, too).

See you Sunday for a new book review!

Thursday Thirteen-Try not to upset the marinara


Today's T13 is brought to you by Rao's Homemade Marinara Sauce.  Not just any marinara... SENSITIVE marinara.  I thought that was so funny!  How can a sauce be sensitive?  Well, I figured it out a little later, but it got me thinking... what exactly did the word sensitive mean?  I have some examples below.

1.  introverted
2.  shy
3.  easily upset
4.  self conscious
5.  emotional
6.  delicate
7.  touchy
8.  tense
9.  unstable
10. high strung
11. susceptible
12. perceptive
13. easily annoyed

But in this case, sensitive means that the marinara is made without onion and garlic.  I then had to ask myself, "Who wants marinara with no onion and garlic?"  

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Fun Photos

 Today's blog post is brought to you by COWS!  Specifically, these are cows who live on the Blisswood Ranch in Cat Spring, Texas.

  I think they're actually pretty cute!

I think this is the only photo I took of a cow that isn't a black cow.

Mama and her two babies!

This is my favorite cow photo!

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Randomly Happy - October-the longest month of the year


When I was teaching, I always called October "The Month that Never Ends."  Why, you ask?  Many reasons.  

1.First, we usually get our first real cold front during October.

2.In addition, there are no school holidays in October, at least not where I live.  

3.October is the month of Homecoming.

4.October is the end of baseball season and beginning of Basketball season.

5.In schools, we celebrate "Red Ribbon Week" during October.

6.Then, the piece de' resistance... Halloween.

7.It's 31 days long!!!!  And depending on what days my paydays fall on, I might         have to go way longer without a check .

Let me be more specific... (click on a photo to enlarge it)

1. Weather change -For about two days, maybe twice this month, it will be about 20 degrees cooler than we're used to.  When there is a weather change, kids do strange things.  This is backed up by scientists who say that windy weather tends to make students more energetic, and there is scientific evidence that students' negative behaviors peak up to two days prior to a full moon. These weather changes are when kids are "pushing buttons" according to the science experts

2. Teachers do not get Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day off from school.  No holidays or extra days off the whole month. Every so often, students will have this day off, but teachers never do (around here).

3. Homecoming is a week long celebration in which  alumni are invited back.  It usually involves a parade where clubs build floats and have some friendly competition against other clubs, bands, dance teams, and whoever else wants to perform.  This is mainly for high school, but the energy trickles down to junior high, and even some of them participate in the festivities. 

Who will have the best float? Which grade will win the spirit stick? Will we win the homecoming football game?  Who will be crowned Homecoming King and Queen?  There is also a dance for the high schoolers. 

 And last... there is this "LITTLE" thing called a Homecoming mum started some time in the 1960's as a sweet token of affection for a young lady from her date. The idea of the homecoming mum no longer requires a date to give you the mum.  Girls and their moms make them at home, each one trying to outdo the previous one, and it's mostly for high school girls, but some junior high girls will have them. It has grown exponentially.

4. The World Series starts today, and games 1, 2, 6, and 7 (if needed) will be played right here in Houston.

  Basketball season started October 19th.  End of one, beginning of another, and THE WORLD SERIES! (Not to mention soccer, hockey, and other sports, too)  This makes for a "fun" October.

5. (I wrote a whole post about this last week.) Red Ribbon Week this year occurs from October 23 to October 31.  RRW is an attempt to encourage kids to be drug free.  Personally, I think we should do things every day to encourage students not to use drugs, particularly when there is no connection between the activities of RRW and a drug-free lifestyle.  Kids sign the pledge card and wear the red ribbon even when you KNOW they partake of drugs. 
 Schools sometimes have door decorating contests (which, with junior high is super chaotic).  They'll also have activities like wear crazy socks, crazy hair, and twin day.  It gets the kids riled up.  I'm not sure how well it works at deterring drug use.

6.Culminating Activity - Halloween.  Kids always ask if they can wear their costume to school (no).  But they sure do bring their candy, and this starts before actual Halloween night, but it lasts till at least early November.  The excitement lasts for days! And with Halloween landing on a Sunday, I am even more thankful I am retired.

So think of your child's or grandchildren's teachers during this month-that-never-ends!  Here come more funnies:

Now THIS is Texas!

Here's a punny Halloween costume:

This one is my style, and punny, too!

This is basically accurate!

And so is this...

Look at these adorable kiddoes!

And last, but not least, my favorite!
Neighborhood Cat Lady! (Me in the future! LOL)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Thursday 13 Red Ribbon Week


Back in 1985, DEA Agent Kiki Camarena was murdered by drug traffickers in Mexico.
Enrique (KiKi) Camarena Salazar

Red Ribbon Week, which is coming up later this month, was started to honor his sacrifice.  In 1988, RRW was first celebrated on a national level. I've seen many RRWs over my 30+ years of teaching, and while I don't think the themes and activities are what prevents students from taking drugs, it does raise awareness, and the students think it's fun.

  1. Sock it to Drugs-wear crazy socks
  2. Team up against Drugs- wear your favorite team's jersey, tee, or colors
  3. I Mustache you not to do Drugs-wear mustaches
  4. Put a Cap on Drugs - wear a hat

  5. Don't get Mixed up in Drugs - wear mis-matched clothes
  6. I'm too Bright for Drugs - wear sunglasses
  7. Lei off Drugs - wear Hawaiian shirts and leis
  8. Drugs can't Find Me - wear camo

  9. Your Future is Bright without Drugs - wear college shirts or jerseys
  10. Drugs will Make you Crazy - crazy hair day.
  11. Friends don't let Friends do drugs - Twin day (dress alike)
  12. Have the Power to Say No to drugs - dress like a super-hero
  13. Be "RED"y to Make a Difference - wear red
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Fun Photos of Flowers


I just love flowers!

A swag for one of my daughter's wedding diy's

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Random Tuesday-Is Google spying on your Halloween?


I swear Google, my phone, and my computer read my thoughts.  I'll be thinking about something, not a recent search or purchase, just thinking about it, not even saying anything about it out loud, and darned if it doesn't pop up on my computer or phone shortly after I've thought about it!  How do they know me better than my family?

Let's say that I've been thinking about going to Tennessee. I haven't mentioned it to anyone else at all.  I haven't conducted any searches about this possible travel. It's just completely in my head.  Then all of a sudden, my Facebook ads start coming up with hotels in Tennessee, things to see and do in Tennessee, Rental car companies in Tennessee.  And so on, and so on.  How does Google know my thoughts?  It's kinda creepy!

So... Halloween is in less than 2 weeks.  How many of you still take your kids out trick-or-treating?  What about trunk-or-treat? How old do you think is too old to continue trick-or-treating?  Is there an alternative?

We used to have good neighbors.  The three I am thinking of all had kids the same age, or very close to it.  We used to have block parties with them.  They would do face painting, games, food, trick-or-treating as a group, and anyone was welcome to join in.  If it was raining, we would play indoor games until the rain would let up.  Two of the three neighbors have now moved away and our kids are all grown.  Such great memories!

Now this: 

Nothing like a good pun to make me chuckle!

Whippersnappers, take this!

This cracked me up!

And last, but not least...

Awww. Do you know how to spell tacocat backwards?  Tacocat!

Have a great week!  I'll be linking up at Stacy Uncorked and Comedy Plus.


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