Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Photo Day

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Saw this driving home from downtown the other day.
I guess they used to be the golden ARCH.
Haha!  I thought this old sign looked pretty cool.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy for some random thoughts!

My car has been at the dealership for service for six days now.  I needed a new compressor.  Actually, this is the second time they have replaced my compressor.  I knew when I drove it off the lot last time that it wasn't fixed by the way the AC sounds when the car is idling.  Also, my bluetooth hasn't worked for about six months.  You don't realize how much you miss something like that until it doesn't work.  But, I had to wait till summer when I'm not driving to work to get my car in.  Maybe it will be ready tomorrow.  I seriously dislike going to the dealership, even just for service.  They don't make anything easy!

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So here's some weird news from my city this week:  A woman started a fight with a neighbor (in the neighbor's home), and she bit part of her nose off and swallowed it.  Ewww. Gross!  Who does that?

Image Credit
Two hundred miles southwest of where I live, in Corpus Christi, Texas, a group of fisherman caught a  1,000 pound 14 foot hammerhead shark yesterday.  Wow!  They said that they usually tag their catch and release it back in the water for research purposes, but this time, the shark was weak and didn't live.  They donated their catch.

What are you reading right now?  I'm reading The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver.  All this time (almost 20 years), I thought it was part of the Body Farm series by Jefferson Bass and that I had likely already read it, but no.  It's not, and I haven't.  I also didn't know it was made into a movie way back in 1999, so... I'll have to watch it after I read it.  It's got Denzel Washington in it, and I think he's a great actor!

And now... some laughs!

Have a great week!

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sunday Synopsis

One of Us Is LyingOne of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I decided that every-other book I read this summer would be a young adult book in hopes of having more variety of books to recommend to my students. This is a young adult book, but the key word is "adult." The students I teach are really too young for this one.

One of Us is Lying reminded me a little bit of The Breakfast Club. Five kids are in after school detention: A jock, a brainiac, a popular kid, a criminal, and an outsider, along with a teacher who doesn't really want to be there at all. However, that's where the similarity ends. During detention, one of the students is murdered, presumably by someone in the room.

All four students are suspects, and they all have secrets that they don't want to get out. They all have something to lose. But which one has the most to lose?

McManus does a great job characterizing each person so they are not just caricatures or stereotypes, but multi-layered and dynamic characters. The plot is well-written, and every event adds to the plot and moves it forward. It's very clever and suspenseful. You may figure out what happened, or at least part of it, but you won't be sure until almost the very end, and there are some twists that will surprise you. I was not disappointed in this book!

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Photo Day!

I took this photo on the rooftop of Coldwater Apartments where our daughter lives in Austin while we were visiting a few days ago.  The second picture is a cactus flower taken at Driftwood Winery in Dripping Springs, Tx.  No filter!

copyright DLA 2018
copyright DLA 2018

Thanks for visiting today!

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy!

I almost forgot today was the day to post.  We've been in Austin on a short getaway.  We went to take care of our granddogs, but we found some fun things to do while we were there.

We enjoyed a visit to Driftwood Winery in Dripping Springs, not a far drive.  It was beautiful!  And I found a wine I really liked.  I learned about muscat grapes.  The Italian word for muscat is moscato, one of my favorite wines.  The Driftwood wine I like is a sparkling muscat wine similar to prosecco called Starry Nights.  It pops like champagne when it is opened. And it is delicious!
We're staying in our daughter's apartment while she is on vacation, but we are headed home today.  It's a four hour or less drive.  Here's the grandogs we've been taking care of.
We also were able to watch the sunset from the rooftop of the building.
While in Austin, we were within walking distance of some great restaurants, the original Chuy's and Terry Black's BBQ.  The brisket at Black's will melt in your mouth!
We also walked around Zilker Park with the dogs.

And not to ignore our other daughter, we have another new granddog named Luna, and she is adorable!
Isn't she adorable?

And we are so proud of our Astros who made the All Star Team!  5 of them!
image credit
Justin Verlander, Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, George Springer, and Gerrit Cole.

And now some funnies.

Have a good week!

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Saturday, July 07, 2018

Sunday Synopsis

Blood Work (Terry McCaleb #1; Harry Bosch Universe, #8)Blood Work by Michael Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don't know how I missed this Michael Connelly book. I've read all of them, or so I thought. Perhaps I read this one and forgot, but probably not. This is the first in the Terry McCaleb series. McCaleb is a former FBI agent who previously worked on solving serial murders. When his heart fails, he must retire from the Bureau. Terry is one of the lucky men who receives a heart before his time is up.

Two months later, McCaleb is working on restoring his boat when he receives a visit from a young woman asking for his assistance in finding the man who murdered her sister. As it turns out, her sister was the donor of the heart now beating in Terry's chest.

McCaleb is no longer an agent, and is neither a police officer or a private detective, but he still has connections and agrees to look into the case. Thus ensues a complex chain of events leading him to believe that the woman's murder was not a random act of violence. He finds that the blood work is the key to solving the crime and puts himself at personal risk to get to the bottom of things.

This book, like other Connelly novels, is well-written and action packed. Just when you think things are starting to come together, there is another surprise. It is a clever plot with believable, likable characters (except for two or three you're not supposed to like).

I also found out that this book was made into a movie and released in 2002 starring Clint Eastwood.
I'm going to have to watch it!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Random Tuesday

I'm linking up with Stacy for some random fun!
It's almost the 4th of July!  Do you have plans?  I plan to stay inside as much as I can with temperatures reaching 100 or more!  I used to enjoy going to see the fireworks display, but with mosquitos that are as big as my hand, plus the heat, I will most likely watch them on TV.  I'm such a party pooper!

If you know me, you know I HATE, DETEST, CAN'T STAND snakes, not even grass snakes!  So why, all of a sudden, am I seeing posts about snakes all over the place?  One here and there - I could understand that.  But seriously?  So many!  A friend posted about a rattlesnake den with literally hundreds of the foul creatures.  Another post was about a dog who saved her owner from being bitten.  Another was about a man who opened the hood of his truck only to find a snake in his engine.  Another showed a snake hiding between the saddle and horse.  One was about a baby who got bit in the face and was hospitalized. And still another said that snakes hide in noodles (pool toys, not pasta!).  And yet one more was about a python in India who swallowed a woman whole! Why? Why? Why?  Too much snake stuff!  I despise them so much that I'm definitely not posting a picture of a snake here.

But I do like other animals.  An example is the cute little Corgi puppy our daughter and her husband adopted last weekend.  I can't wait to meet her!  She is so so so cute!  We used to have a dog, until he passed in 2010, and we never got another one.  Part of the reason is that I don't want to train a dog.  Another reason is that you can't just "get up and go" when you have a dog.  We have a cat.  Leave their box with cat litter, a bowl of food, and water, and the cat doesn't mind being left alone for a day or two.  Dogs require more planning.  They're cute!  And loyal!  But I'm lazy!

As a teacher, I'm just floored by how...?  people can be.  What word am I looking for?  Not smart?  Can you imagine picking up this cake from the bakery?  Or how about this one?

Funny!  What do you think of this pun?  I think it's hilarious!

And some more funnies:

And I learned a little something about myself this week:

I must be really intelligent!  Haha!
Have a happy fourth of July and a great rest-of-the-week!

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