Wednesday, September 10, 2014

13 Facebook Observations

With school starting a few weeks ago and three of our kids starting college, I haven't had much time to  blog.  But that's all changing starting... now.  I have been on Facebook quite a bit in the meantime. It's easy to get to it from my phone whereas the blogs are easier on the laptop.  In this time, though, I have made some observations about things I do and don't like on Facebook.

These things really get on my nerves!

1. Pictures of people’s feet and toes with the pool or beach in the background.
2. Posts that brag about how great their fianc√©/boyfriend/husband is. Once in a while is okay, but every day? Multiple times a day? One is my friends is sooo guilty of this!  (Here's a sample)

September 1 near (city, state)
 If I wasn't sure before I AM now! I'm sooooooo marrying this guy!!!! Just fixed me the most amazing super cheesy grilled cheese & tomato soup, just the way I like it. And never even asked me -with (fiance's name)

3. People that “check in” to EVERY SINGLE PLACE they go. So-and-so is at “Clinic” getting a shot. Now she is at “Dentist” getting teeth cleaned. Now she is at “store” buying tomatoes. Now she is at “store” picking up digital photos. Now she is at “restaurant” eating Greek salad. Now she is at … all. Day. Long. Every. Single. Place. Until she is finally “home” snuggling with fianc√©/boyfriend/husband.
4. Morning selfie! Afternoon selfie! Going out at night selfie! Of course, darling, you are gorgeous!
5.  Advertisements.
6. Pictures of people’s radio stations. I don’t care what you’re listening to! Does anyone?

Posts I’m not Tired of!
7.  Cat and kitten pictures!

8.  Posts about general topics or trivia. I don’t want to know when you last went to the bathroom!
9.  Sports and news updates.
10.  Posts about people’s kids… where does the time go?
11.   Vacation updates/photos.
12.  Recipes
13.  Throwback Thursday posts.  This is a friend who graduated the same year I did.  Memories!

Always end with the positive!  I'm linking up with Thursday Thirteen, although I haven't seen much activity there for over a month.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five

I'm linking up with Emmy Mom for Friday 5 - 5 thoughts and 5 pictures.  Come join us!

1.  You might have read my review of The Fault in our Stars.  I wasn't very kind.  It didn't stir a lot of my emotions because I felt like it was predictable.  Well.  I'm going to (sort of) eat my words!  I went to see the movie today, and I bawled my eyes out!  I was crying silently for about the last half hour of the movie, then let it go at the end.  It may be because of all the other stress in my life right now, but whatever the reason, I cried.
2.  I have to give kudos the the young actresses in the movie, particularly those that played Hazel Grace, Augustus Waters, and Isaac.   They were incredible!
3.  In less than a day, I will leave to take my youngest to college six hours away from home.  That may not seem like far to some of you, but to me, it is a world away.  I don't know how I'm going to function without seeing her every day.  She has gone away for a week, two, or even three at a time, but she was always coming home from those trips.  I will see her maybe in September, November, and December.  That's it!  I see a lot of Kleenex in my future!
4.  My son, her twin, is staying at home, thankfully.  He has decided to attend community college, which is a huge step for him.  Just a month or so ago, he wasn't sure he even wanted to go to college.  I couldn't force him.  I could threaten him, sure, but really, it had to be his decision.  I'm so happy.
5.  Our 21 year old has her associates from community college, and she took a year off to work full time, but she has decided to go back full time, so she will be leaving for university nine hours away from home.  She leaves Sunday.  She moved out back in December, so we became accustomed to seeing her infrequently, but again, knowing that she is so far and that we CAN'T see her will be difficult.

My twins at age 2
My daughter, senior prom.
My son, his pig Rebel, and the buyers at the FFA Auction.
Today would have been Jenny's 18th birthday.  She was my daughter's best friend until her untimely death four years ago.
The young lady in the middle is our 21 year old going off to university as is the 18 year old on the right.  That's me on the left.  Behind us are the 21 year old's bf and my husband on the right.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday Five

I'm linking up with Emmy Mom for Friday Five:  5 thoughts/5 pictures

1.   My daughter returned from her mission trip to Catadupa, Jamaica late last Saturday night.  What a life-changing experience for her!  She worked so hard:  cutting rebar, planting trees to beautify the spring, building two outhouses, laying concrete, chopping bamboo with a machete.  She also worked with kids at "Vacation Bible School" type activities.  No AC, no hot water, no WiFi!  I am so proud of her.  She would love to go back in two years when our church is scheduled for their next Jamaica mission.

2.  I've been eating healthier this week... until tonight's dinner.  It was so delicious!  Parpadella pasta. chicken, and mushrooms in a cream sauce and garlic bread.  Oh well.  More time at the gym tomorrow.  I've been to the gym three times this week.  Once you clear 45, preventing weight gain, much less losing weight, is much more difficult.

3.  My daughter leaves for college in 16 days.  She will be 6 1/2 hours away, so definitely not an easy weekend visit.  She is mini-me, and I don't know what I'm going to do without her!  She's excited, and I'm excited for her, but I know I am going to bawl my eyes out.

4.  Thankfully my son, her twin, is staying home.  Actually, I was worried he wouldn't go to college at all.  He doesn't know what he wants to do, and I think he feels like college is too hard, or maybe he is scared in some way.  He is used to his sister getting academic accolades, but he is no dummy!  He lacks confidence, but I am pleased that he is going to take classes at the junior college.  That should show him he can do it, and maybe he'll decide what he's most interested in pursuing.

5.  A friend of mine used to attend church with the parents of the doctor who has contracted Ebola in Africa.  He  has been doing mission work with Samaritan's Purse.  Today, the CDC sent a serum, not a cure, but something that should help, but they only had enough dosage for one person.  Dr. Brantley said to give it to his co-worker, a middle-aged female.  That, IMHO, is the epitome of self-less-ness.  The mortality rate is 60-90%.  Please pray for them.

1.  It's Friday, not Thursday, but here's a Throwback Thursday photo taken my freshman year of high school (1979-1980).  It's a photo from a newspaper article about student council.  Which one am I?
2.  Jamaica - My daughter with the machete, smiling while she works.
3.  The Menger Hotel bar in San Antonio.  The Menger is the most historical and most haunted hotel (they say) west of the Mississippi.
4.  A picture of the kids my daughter worked with in Jamaica.

5.  Sunset over Lake Travis (in Austin) taken last Friday.

Be sure to link up with Friday Five, and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random Thoughts

I'm linking up with Stacy for Tuesday's Random Thoughts.

I ordered some ear plugs last night.  Doesn't sound like a big deal, but the snoring in my household is loud.  So, I did some research.  I looked at ten reviews of ear plugs.  They each had a Noise Reduction Rating as well as ratings for comfort, durability, ease of use, and a few other things.  I had no idea that you could buy ear plugs for over $100!  But,  I'm glad I did my research because the ones that I actually purchased were only about $5.  I'll let you know if they work!

I'm watching Mitch Albom's For One More Day as I type this.  I have avoided this movie because I have always wished for one more day with my dad, and I didn't know if I could handle the emotions I was sure would follow viewing it.  So far, I think I'm going to be okay.  But what I wouldn't give for one more day with my dad!  Anything!  Everything!  It's been 9 and a half years since he passed suddenly and without warning.  Here one minute; not the next.  I miss him so deeply.  I don't believe I have ever completely dealt with my sorrow.  I think I am still in the denial stage, even after all these years.  Because if I accept it, it's going to hurt too badly.  This picture was taken a year and a half before he passed.  (See?  I can't say the word died.)  He was a handsome man, IMHO!

I'm counting down the days until basketball season, except I don't know what the Rockets are going to do since we lost Parsons and didn't gain another "superstar."  We have Ariza, which is good, and our guys are in training this summer, hopefully getting better, but I sure we we'd have gotten Bosh!  This is totally random and probably means nothing to you, but isn't that what this is all about!
I've got my legs propped up in the recliner, and this sweet angel is sleeping on them, as usual.  I don't know what I'd do without her!
Happy Random Thoughts to You!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Experience Mission

Saturday, 4 AM, wake up in the dark to take my darling daughter, who just turned 18, to the airport.  She would be flying first to Atlanta, then on to Jamaica, with a team of 16 other church members, predominately youth, to do mission work.

She was nervous.  New experience.  No family with her.  Foreign country.  Unsure exactly what work they will be asked to do.  Afraid she forgot something (they have to take work tools as well as personal supplies and work clothes).  Eating meals consisting of foods she may never had heard of.  But I know she will do great mission work!  It's in her heart.

Catadupa, Jamaica is a rural mountain village about 19 miles from Montego Bay, but worlds apart in appearance and culture.  Some of the things mission groups have done in the past include planting gardens, building structures, painting, ministry and worship, as well as working with the kids of the community.

Last year, one of the tasks they tackled was laying a new foundation for a family home that had burned down.  They will be assigned to do whatever is necessary on this trip.  Each night, they spread the word of God and worship with the community.  She is very excited about working with the kids.

I am so proud of my daughter.  She raised the necessary funds by herself, and when she is determined, she can accomplish anything.  I know this experience is going to change her life.
Please join me in praying for her team.
Catadupa photos courtesy of Experience Mission.


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