Monday, July 06, 2015

It's Just my Opinion

The Husband's SecretThe Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Before I read this book, I had heard two friends, who are both avid readers, discuss how incredible it was. Then I read the description, which also reeled me in. So, I read it. I enjoyed it, but it didn't live up to all the hype.Moriarty has a good sense of writing style and word choice, and I did feel like she developed the characters so that the reader can identify with their feelings and motivations. I also liked that it was set in Australia which allowed her to work in some aspects of authenticity.

On the other hand, I feel Moriarty spent too much time creating backstory that was extraneous. It took a while to get into the meat of the story, so much that I almost abandoned it. She connected John Paul's family to Rachel Crowley's character as well as Connor's character, but she failed to connect Tess's family to the others. Tess's story was unrelated to the main plot. She connected Connor to Tess, but she gave no logical connection to the Fitzpatricks and Crowleys. This really bothered me because I felt like it should have been two separate books. I also think the plot was a bit predictable.

On a positive note, I liked the ending. Moriarty gave several "what if" scenarios which created the perfect epilogue. Overall, I would have appreciated more intensity and a quicker pace.

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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Independence Day!

In the words of Marvin Zindler, "Good tennis, good golf, or whatever makes you happy!"

Thursday, July 02, 2015

DIY Ideas

I can't wait until I'm able to use my left arm and hand again because there are so many crafty things I want to try!

1.  My daughter made these egg muffins (or you can call them egg cups) tonight.  She changed the recipe some based on ingredients we had and liked, and they were delicious!

2.  For Halloween last year, I painted pumpkins.  I kept some and gave some to friends from work.  This is one I made my daughter in her college colors.

3.  Matting photos, decorating them, and framing them to hang on the wall.  This is one I did last summer.  It is now framed and hanging in my scrapbook room.

4.  I think these fabric ice cream cones would be an adorable classroom decoration.  The directions seem simple enough.

5.  It may be a bit early to think about Christmas, but I love this card idea!

6.  I also love these candy sleighs.  I'd like to make one for my Secret Santa.

7.  I know you're probably tired of Christmas DIY, but here's one last thing that I would love to give to my friends:  Reindeer Noses!  It's super cute and super easy!

8.  Last year, my daughter made this flag rice krispie treat.  I;m hoping she makes one this year.

9.  I want to do these ping-pong ball lights to hang in my classroom, and my daughter wants lights for her dorm room.  I found out that the trick is to use LED lights because they won't get too hot inside the ping-pong balls.  I'm definitely doing this!

11. I like to paint, and I can see myself making a trio of these painted trees for my home.  Looks fun and easy!

12. I love this floral initial.  Start with a Styrofoam letter.  Place flowers in Styrofoam until it 
is covered.  Add a pretty ribbon to hang it.

13. I'm in the process of making a necklace holder.  I didn't get to finish it before my surgery, but mine is a little different than this one.  I painted a finished piece of wood with curves on the corners and i have 2 silver and 1 clear holder to screw into it when I'm finished,  It will match the colors of my bathroom.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

So it's Tuesday again.  Happens every week.  It;s one of my favorite weekly blog posts because I can be as random as I want to be,  Come and get random with Stacy Uncorked!
I am a Law and Order junkie!   I guess I was too busy raising kids and working when these shows first gained popularity because, until about a year ago, I had only seen a handful of episodes.  SVU is my favorite Law and Order, so I started watching from season 1 on Netflix and worked through the entire series, skipping over a few here and there that I'd already seen.  When I finished those, I started with the original L & O and have worked my way to season 11 so far.  I just can't help myself!  I'm not as fond of L & O Criminal Intent, so I may shift allegiance to Criminal Minds when I finish,
And seeing how I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery, I have a lot of time on my hands.  Speaking of my surgery, I had my first post-op appointment today.  I finally got a full explanation of the procedure.  I already knew about the impingement, osteoarthritis, and bone spur.  What I didn't have clear details about was a tear in a tendon which the  doctor diagnosed as a bicep rupture  (tendon, not muscle).  It had to be reconnected at the shoulder and may have been caused by the impingement.  I know!  Sounds scary, huh? I was hesitant about having the surgery in the first place, but knowing this would never have healed on its own and would continue to get worse makes the surgery worthwhile.

Today my heart felt real joy, in spite of my condition.  My son and daughter (they are twins who turned 19 4 days ago) both went to my Dr. appointment with me, then we went to get lunch,  We even watched a couple of episodes of Duck Dynasty together.  This evening, they went to a movie together... twin bonding.  Now that my daughter is usually 6 hours away at college, these special twin times don't happen often. It made my heart happy.

And now it is time for Coffee Chat, the last one until Fall begins, hosted by Time Out for Mom.
Rory Bore asks us what;s on ou summer fun list,  Here's mine!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Roundup

This is hosted by High-heeled Love and My So-called Chaos who say, "This party is all about sharing those fabulous blogs that you've read through the week and promote our blogger community. I hope it will help you use this party to find new blogs to read and build some new blogger friendships."

I found this post on Byrdie.  This method is a little different than the breathing techniques I've learned in the past, and lately, I've had quite a few experiences that created some anxiety.  I think this post is worth your while.

This came from Free People blog.  You might be sensing a theme here.  I'm a week post-surgery, and I have a long road of recovery ahead.  I do feel like things have sort of fallen down.  Tonight I used one of the tips and just cried it out.  But all the tips are valuable.

This post is from I'm an Organizing Junkie.  It is a great resource with all types of recipes from beef to vegetarian to appetizers to desserts, and everything in between.   Each recipe has nutrition info, links to where the ingredients might be on sale, pictures, ratings, and reviews.  You can also create a printable shopping list.  I think this site could be very useful.

Have a great week!


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