Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

So it's Tuesday again.  Happens every week.  It;s one of my favorite weekly blog posts because I can be as random as I want to be,  Come and get random with Stacy Uncorked!
I am a Law and Order junkie!   I guess I was too busy raising kids and working when these shows first gained popularity because, until about a year ago, I had only seen a handful of episodes.  SVU is my favorite Law and Order, so I started watching from season 1 on Netflix and worked through the entire series, skipping over a few here and there that I'd already seen.  When I finished those, I started with the original L & O and have worked my way to season 11 so far.  I just can't help myself!  I'm not as fond of L & O Criminal Intent, so I may shift allegiance to Criminal Minds when I finish,
And seeing how I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery, I have a lot of time on my hands.  Speaking of my surgery, I had my first post-op appointment today.  I finally got a full explanation of the procedure.  I already knew about the impingement, osteoarthritis, and bone spur.  What I didn't have clear details about was a tear in a tendon which the  doctor diagnosed as a bicep rupture  (tendon, not muscle).  It had to be reconnected at the shoulder and may have been caused by the impingement.  I know!  Sounds scary, huh? I was hesitant about having the surgery in the first place, but knowing this would never have healed on its own and would continue to get worse makes the surgery worthwhile.

Today my heart felt real joy, in spite of my condition.  My son and daughter (they are twins who turned 19 4 days ago) both went to my Dr. appointment with me, then we went to get lunch,  We even watched a couple of episodes of Duck Dynasty together.  This evening, they went to a movie together... twin bonding.  Now that my daughter is usually 6 hours away at college, these special twin times don't happen often. It made my heart happy.

And now it is time for Coffee Chat, the last one until Fall begins, hosted by Time Out for Mom.
Rory Bore asks us what;s on ou summer fun list,  Here's mine!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Roundup

This is hosted by High-heeled Love and My So-called Chaos who say, "This party is all about sharing those fabulous blogs that you've read through the week and promote our blogger community. I hope it will help you use this party to find new blogs to read and build some new blogger friendships."

I found this post on Byrdie.  This method is a little different than the breathing techniques I've learned in the past, and lately, I've had quite a few experiences that created some anxiety.  I think this post is worth your while.

This came from Free People blog.  You might be sensing a theme here.  I'm a week post-surgery, and I have a long road of recovery ahead.  I do feel like things have sort of fallen down.  Tonight I used one of the tips and just cried it out.  But all the tips are valuable.

This post is from I'm an Organizing Junkie.  It is a great resource with all types of recipes from beef to vegetarian to appetizers to desserts, and everything in between.   Each recipe has nutrition info, links to where the ingredients might be on sale, pictures, ratings, and reviews.  You can also create a printable shopping list.  I think this site could be very useful.

Have a great week!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Confessions

I'm linking up with High-Heeled Love to do some confessing (If the link gets posted).  I wish I could list all the burdens I'm feeling right now, but that post would be far too long, and considering I'm typing one-hamded, I'd be here all day.  So, here goes.

I Confess...

I'm tired of feeling helpless.
I feel guilty asking for help.
I'm a burden to my family right now, and yes, I believe they think so.  ESPECIALLY MY HUSBAND.  He's more preoccupied with matters more important than me.
I'm only one week into my 4-6 week period of time in the sling.
My ears feel funny, sort of itchy, as though there's something in them like a cotton ball or Kleenex,
Both pain medications I've tried make me itch like crazy, so much so that I'd rather be in pain than suffer side-effects.
Sleeping in a recliner has already become old, but I can't lie down flat on a bed due to the sling.
Today my twins turn 19 and I feel guilty for being unable to give them a beautiful, memorable day.

Mom please don't feel bad for asking for help. We as your family should WANT to help you. I'm sorry for acting the way I have been. -Angela

My post got hacked.  I'm posting it anyway,

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Looking Forward

I am amazed at how many things I can't do with only one arm. My left arm is immobile and will be that way for 4-6 weeks,  and Ive been doing my fair share of complaining, especially about the pain medication for which I think I had every side effect.  So here are some things I'm looking forward to:

1.  Giving a proper two-armed hug.
2,  Scrapbooking.
3.  Cooking, although I am enjoying that others are providing meals for my family and me a few times a week.
4.  Taking pictures.  I can;t hold my new camera and focus and press the shutter at the same time.

5.  Picking up and holding my beautiful cat!
6.  Driving.  I'm at the mercy of other people's driving for now.
7.  Cutting my own food using a knife.
8.  Holding a real book, but, thankfully, I can use my Nook.

9.  Wearing blue jeans I can fasten myself.  Actually, being able to completely dress myself.
10. Shaving under my left underarm!
11. Opening cans and bottles.
12. Typing with both hands.
13. And most of all, sleeping in my own bed.  As it is right now, I can only recline to sleep.

I've stopped at 13, so I can link up with Thursday Thirteen.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Random Tuesday

Welcome!  I'm linking up with Stacy Uncorked for some randomness,  Join us!

I'm typing all of this with one hand, which drives me nuts, but I'm alive!  I survived shoulder surgery!  An impingement repaired, arthritis cleaned up, bone spur removed, and a tear in the rotator cuff tendon repaired.  Since there was a tear, recovery is expected to be longer.
I'll be in my pillow sling 4-6 weeks and physical therapy longer than that.  I know now why I have to wear the sling because I was able to take it off for a quick shower, and the pain during those short minutes was excruciating.

I'm experiencing several side effects from the meds.  The itching is the worst, and it's definitely from the pain medicine, but the one I haven't been able to link to meds is muscle spasms.  They started yesterday.  They don't last very long, but they are severe enough to wake me up, not that I'm sleeping much... 2-4 hours at a time usually.  Arms, hands, legs, feet, torso, face.  They aren't like a charlie horse.  If they continue, I'll call the Dr. since I won't see him till Monday.

So... recovery is how I will spend the rest of the summer.  I hope I am able to craft a little bit in a couple of weeks.  I also need to clean out some closets.

This last Sunday was Father's Day which is difficult for me.  My dad passed away in October, 2004.  I have to keep my wall up and live in denial because the grief is too hard to deal with.

My mom came over the day of my surgery.  She cooked me soft-boiled eggs.  Have you ever had a 4-minute egg?  And isn't it funny how mom can take something ordinary and make it special?  No matter our age, moms still want to take care of us.  I'm the same way with my kids.  My family is taking good care of me, but I don't like being dependent.  I sure am catching up on TV shows!  What are your favorite shows?

It's also time to link up with Time Out for Mom for Coffee Chat. She says: Be Inspired!! Share something that inspired you this week: a quote, a photo, a story in the news. Let's spread some positivity!

My mom inspires me!  She has had lung cancer and part of her lung removed.  She has had breast cancer and a mastectomy. She recently had skin cancer removed.  She is a strong woman.  She also laid my dad to rest about 10 years ago, and she still keeps going,  Her dream was to go to Jerusalem, and she did that, too.  She mentors an emotionally disturbed pre-teen, volunteers  at the library and the local food bank, and prepares meals for the needy families who stay at our church once a month.  She is not a saint, but she is kind, thoughtful, smart, and strong.  She can be the perfect pain-in-the-butt, too, but I'm proud to call her my mom.


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