Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Fun Photos

 Flowers probably make you think of spring, but in this part of Texas, we go from winter all the way into summer within a week's time, usually, so I think of summer.  These are some flowers I've seen recently that I'm in love with.  They are so beautiful!

Dutch Asiatic Lily (I looked it up to be sure!)

These are so pretty in person that they seem fake. I bought them for my mom on Mother's Day from,
of all places, Kroger.  I believe it is a Gerbera Daisy, but it also shares similarities with some Chrysanthemums.  Experts?  What say you?

This flower is a magnolia blossom from the tree in the back yard of my
childhood home taken approximately one week ago.

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Monday, May 29, 2023

It's Tuesday and I'm Happy


I can't believe I only posted once last week.  Well, yes, I CAN believe it, but it wasn't my plan. You know what they say about the best laid plans.  Did that come from the book Of Mice and Men or did Steinbeck just borrow it?  (I went back and looked it up.  He borrowed it.  It was first written in 1785 by a man named Robert Burns.  Who knew?)

I had a fantastic weekend!  My husband and I celebrated 18 years of marriage (2nd marriage for both of us). To be honest, I'm really proud of both of us for putting up with each other!  We decided to splurge and treated ourselves to a hotel stay in downtown Houston along with a fancy schmancy dinner and a cocktail on a rooftop bar

Our waiter wasn't joking when he said these were
the best crabcakes in the city.  The BEST!

  My DH had no idea Comicpalooza was in town and many of the festival-goers were staying in our hotel. 

It was... interesting.  Being unfamiliar with that niche, we couldn't figure out what many people were dressed as.  We definitely saw an Alice or 2 and a White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  Interesting!

Well, that's all I have worth mentioning today, so let's laugh a little!

Good question!

Last, but not least...

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Random Happy Tuesday

 Hello all!  Hope everyone's week has started off well.  At the beginning when I said "Hello all" I almost wrote hi there.  It got me thinking... why so we sometimes say, "Hi, there," and "Hello, there," but we don't say, "Bye, there," or "Goodbye, there"? The English language is curiouser and curiouser, as Alice said about her time in Wonderland.

I haven't found an attorney yet, probably because I signed a form stating I was aware of all the risks.  I just didn't expect the doctor to be incompetent, but looking back at everything, there were signs.  Secondly, there is probably not "big money" in malpractice like there is in other types of personal injury such as auto accidents.  It's not as if the doctor removed the wrong limb.  And that has happened!

Here in the U. S. in 1995, a doctor realized he was amputating the wrong leg of a diabetes patient.  But when he realized it, it was too late.  He had already cut muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  I wonder whatever happened to that doctor and his patient,

Enough stalling... here are some things to give you a small laugh or two.

It's kinda funny, but I could never do that!

This is me on most nights.

Not for me!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Am I Weird, or What?


When my children were teenagers, they used to look at me when I did something they thought was too goofy or embarrassing and say, "Mom, you're so weird!"  This was done in a loving tone (mostly).  But if I'm weird, okay.  I don't care!  I guess I am weird in certain ways.

1.  I don't like to grocery shop.  A lot of people do.  It's a no-go for me, if I can help it.  Luckily, my wonderful husband will make the grocery run if I'm not up for it. I'd rather scrub a toilet than grocery shop.  It's not that I love scrubbing toilets; I just don't mind cleaning them.  Someone has to.

2.  I also don't like making sandwiches.  I don't know why.  Maybe all the years I was having to make lunches for my kids as well as myself?  Or maybe it has something to do with the ingredients?  I really don't know!

3.  I'd rather do the dishes than put things away and clean counters.  But we have a system of who does what when the other cooks, so if I cook, I'm stuck doing what I least like to do.  Is that weird?

4.  I have never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones.  That can't be completely weird.  I'm sure there are lots of others who don't.  Please come out of the woodwork and support me on that one!

5.  Maybe I'm weird because I love chicken livers (as long as I have creamy gravy to dip them in), but I can't stand liver if it's pork, beef, or lamb!  I will not-under any circustances-order liver and onions at a restaurant.

This is making me hungry!  Chicken Express makes the best chicken livers!

6.  I'm an adult in my 50's who doesn't drink coffee.  Never have.  I love the smell, but not the taste!  Not even coffee ice cream!  Is that uncommon?

7.  I have eaten a Blizzard from Dairy Queen for lunch once.  Just the Blizzard.  It was awesome!

8.  I like to sing in the car.  I pretend I can hit all the notes just right.  Doesn't everybody?

9.  I watch tons of gruesome true crime TV, listen to true crime podcasts, and read about true crime events... but, if you are starting an IV, I might faint, even if I'm not the one getting the IV!

10. I don't like to talk on the phone unless it's on speaker and I can talk hands free.  Even then, most of the time, a text message will do.  And please don't leave me voicemail.  I will forget to listen to it, then my VM gets clogged up, and people I actually NEED  to talk to are unable to leave a message.

11. I have pretty severe motion sickness.  I won't get on a boat or a ship without my motion sickness patches and some dramamine.  Yes, even cruise ships.  I feel every rock and every movement regardless of the level I am on or the part of the ship I am on.  I'd make a terrible offshoreman!

12.  I'm an adult who loves to color!  Is that really so weird?  I usually find time to color every day.  There are days I can't, but there are more days that I can, and it makes me happy.

13. And last, although I like to sing in the car, if I'm only going to be driving 10-12 minutes, I won't even turn the radio or Spotify on.  Silence is not a bad thing sometimes.  Same thing when I'm on the computer.  If I'm the only person in the room, I will turn the TV off so I can concentrate on what I'm doing on the computer or on the sewing machine. Perhaps that's what makes me weird!

Are you weird, too?

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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Happy Random Tuesday


To all the moms... How was your Mother's Day?  Mine was pretty good!  Over the weekend, I got to see 3 of the 4 kids (they are all grown up, but they're still kids to me!).  My daughter from Dallas surprised me when she showed up out of the blue.  I had flowers, cake, lunch, cookies, plants, and even got to do a little shopping.  My husband even got me chocolate covered strawberries.  And I got to have lunch with my mom and give her some flowers and a card.  Overall, what a wonderful weekend!

I wish I could say there was some improvement in my medical issues, but alas, not yet.  I have contacted a couple of attorneys online.  I wonder if they even read those website forms?  One place called me and they don't do medical malpractice anymore, but they did refer me to someone.  I think I just need  to take a few hours for phone calls on both my and my mom's issues.

Without further ado...

Maybe this doesn't apply to me, but I thought it was funny!

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And have a great week!


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