Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Random Tuesday/Wednesday Photo.

Well... I have been so busy trying to find a new venue for my daughter's wedding, that I forgot what day it was!  The church where we were scheduled has cancelled wedding for the remainder of the year.  I've put deposits down with 4 vendors, so I've got to find a venue available on her date or I will lose a boatload of money.

I'll start with this photo:
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Lillies are one of my favorite flowers.  This was one of the beautiful flowers in my arrangement from my husband on our anniversary.

New topic - I don't know about your neighborhood, but there have been a lot of people walking around the same time since we first went under stay-at-home orders.  My husband and I are still keeping our distance.  My point is... you get really good at geometry when social distancing!
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For example, when I am walking on the path, and person A is coming from the left and person B is coming from the right, you have to decide when to get off the path so your "lines" won't intersect at the same time!  It reminds me of a triangle and the Pythagorean Theorem.  Geometry is my least favorite math!
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I have been reading, watching, and listening to a lot of true crime lately.  I was in the car listening to a podcast about a serial killer, and I pulled into the driveway.  I was waiting for a good stopping point to turn off the podcast, when all of a sudden, my husband knocked on the car window (I was looking at my phone), and he scared the heebeejeebees out of me! Guess you had to be there!  But I've been reading a true crime book, one that a former co-worker actually knew the perpetrator's mother.  I've been watching Death Row Stories, Forensic Files, Snapped, and People Magazine Investigates, among others.
I love sarcasm!
And now...

And these...
This is sooo me!

Have a great week!
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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Thursday Thirteen

I'm having a hard time coming up with a clever T13 today.  Sooo.....
Can you guess in which room I am in at my house?
Here are 13 things in this room:
7-label maker
8-washi tape
9-tape runner
10-sewing machine

If you guessed "craft room," you are correct!  Sorry, no prize today!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Photo Wednesday

I snapped this picture at the lake last week.  He was putting on a show! (That's a duck behind him)
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Random Tuesday

Well, here we are again.  The weeks just fly by!  Does it seem like you've been staying home forever?  Since I retired in December, and I quit my other job (they weren't doing enough to protect their employees from the virus IMHO), I don't think it's a whole lot different for me because I'm mostly a homebody.  I need this shirt!

We haven't finished our baseball puzzle yet, but we are thisclose!  And the other night, we actually played Monopoly. 
We hadn't done that in years.  So fun!

Except I feel like I can't travel to see my daughters.  Soon, though.  Maybe.  One of them actually came to see us!  They had been at home since February when our granddaughter was born.  The only place they go is Starbucks, and it's a drive through, so we felt safe having them come visit.  It's not terribly far-3 1/2 hours- so they didn't need stops on the way. 
We got to hold our precious  granddaughter!  That was an absolute joy!

My other daughter and I are still making wedding plans for November.  We need to nail down our caterer soon.  It's down to two choices.  We are just waiting for a total cost from one of them.  If they beat the other company, and I think they will, we'll go with them.  Hopefully her dress will come in next month.  So glad we did that before this pandemic!

What have you been up to?
And now this...
I agree!

Before I read the caption I was trying to figure out what was going on with this dude's hair!  LOL!

Luckily, this is not going on at my house!

And last, but not least, you gotta watch to the end, especially if you like the TV show Friends. It takes less than 4 minutes.

Have a great week!
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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday Synopsis

Camino IslandCamino Island by John Grisham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is not so much a legal thriller like most of Grisham's other books, although he does occasionally write in different genres. It was mostly a mystery, and it took a while to catch on at the beginning. So many characters were introduced without knowing which ones would be important in the remainder of the book or if and when these characters would intersect. Some did. Some didn't.

The premise is that The Princeton Library has been burglarized. Five manuscripts by F. Scott Fitzgerald were stolen. Not only do they need to locate the men who stole them, they need to locate the people to whom they were sold. One possibility is the eccentric Bruce Cable, a bookstore owner in Santa Rosa on Camino Island who deals in rare books.

Then, there is the insurance company who is going to have to pay Princeton in the event the priceless manuscripts are not found and returned. They turn to a woman, Mercer Mann, whose teaching position has been let go, who has loads of student debt, who is a published author, and who happens to be half owner of a beach house on Camino Island.

While the plot is rather far-fetched, as most of them are, it was entertaining. Grisham includes a zany cast of characters, although none of them are truly likable. The dialogue was less than stellar. One character must have said, "Now, Myra" two dozen times. And the abrupt ending was a set-up for the next novel. However, taking these two characters into the next novel doesn't make sense based on things that happened in this book. I could explain better, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

I liked it, maybe not as much as his legal thrillers like A Time to Kill (which I consider a modern To Kill a Mockingbird) and The Firm. But it was good.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thursday Thirteen

Staying at home, especially now that I'm retired, makes it difficult to remember what day it is.  Do you find yourself unable to remember if it's Tuesday or Wednesday?  If it's trash day or recycle day or payday?  Is it April or May?  Or June?

Here's how I've been keeping track of time.

1.  By how many times I have changed the sheets.
2.  By how many times I have washed the towels.
3.  By how many times I have clipped my nails.
4.  By how many inches my hair has grown. (No, I haven't cut it... yet.)

5.  By how many times I have changed the cat litter.
6.  By how many pension checks I've received since the stay-at-home order started.
7.  By how many bottles of soap we have used.
8.  By how many rolls of toilet paper we have used.

9.  By the number of pages I've colored.
10. By how many times I've applied flea medicine on the cat.
11. By how many recipes I've used.
12. By how many times we've skyped with family.
And the saddest of all things...
13. By the age of my new granddaughter.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Photo Wednesday

My husband and I went out to Taylor Lake (near Clear Lake) to get out of the house and do something instead of sitting on the couch all evening.  We sat on a bench by the water and drank a glass of wine while we watched the sun go down.  It was a very enjoyable evening.
copyright Forgetfulone 2020 - Click photo to enlarge.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Random Tuesday

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So... are you still staying home?  We are.  Cases are still high even though part of Texas is opened, but we don't have enough confidence to get back to "almost normal" yet since there are so many unknowns about the virus still. (I refuse to call it "new normal." See #10 on last week's T13) We are very fortunate that throughout this whole thing, my DH is able to work from home, and I retired in December.  However, our children and their incomes have been affected.  And I'm praying things get back to the status quo in time for my daughter's wedding this Fall.

Moving on... Did you fall into (what I call) the Tiger Trap yet?  If not, don't!  Don't watch Tiger King!  You can never get those 5 hours and 15 minutes back!  It's about a rivalry between big cat enthusiasts, and there are A LOT of weird people involved.  Don't get trapped!

New Topic:  Last night at dinner, we had some mustard on the table, and we wanted to know if it had turmeric in it (it did). And my son came to one of the ingredients... natural flavors.  What is that?  How do you put "natural flavors" into something.  If they're natural, aren't they already there?  Where can I buy some "natural flavors?"  It does not make sense to me!

And now, some funnies.

How about you?  How long did it take to figure out that was a tree and not his hair?

Before I go, I want to leave these little diddies-Disney songs about quarantine.  I thought these were great, and I hope you enjoy the, too!

Have a good week!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Thirteen

Back on March 27, not long after COVID-19 Stay-at-Home orders went into effect in my region, I started making a list of words I never wanted to hear again.  But we KEEP hearing them 8 weeks later (as noted in these current news headlines).

DISCLAIMER - I do not endorse any of these news sources, nor do I agree or disagree with any of the content.  They are included ONLY to demonstrate my list of 13 COVID-19 words I am tired of hearing.

Number 1 on my list is epicenter.  This was the first word that dawned on me that this was not a word we typically heard nor one I really cared to hear because it connotes an earthquake or other natural disaster.  It's still in the headlines!
Coronavirus Pandemic-Is Brazil the New Epicenter - published yesterday.

2. Phenomenal - A word I have always thought to be overused, especially when a principal is trying to describe a teacher who has done something out of the ordinary.
'Phenomenal:' Turnout Stays Strong at Milwaukee's Free COVID-19 Test Sites - published yesterday.

3.  Uncharted - usually used before "territory" or "waters." Another word I dislike.
Bill Gates Says the World is Entering Uncharted Territory - published April 13 on multiple sites.

4.  Unprecedented - A word we heard frequently at the beginning of all this, but it's still around.
K-12 Schools Face Unprecedented Options Amid Coronavirus Pandemic - published yesterday.

5.  Front Lines - This was used when discussing war, until recently.
Nurse Receives Hero's Welcome Home from Coronavirus Front Lines - published yesterday.

6.  Ramping Up - I have never liked this phrase.  Why can't people say, "increasing" instead?
Houston to Dramatically Ramp Up COVID Testing Sites - published May 7.

7.  Vulnerable - This isn't a word I necessarily dislike or like, it's the current usage and what it connotes. 
Texas Population One of Most Vulnerable to Coronavirus, Study Finds - published May 12.  And this does not make me happy since I live in Texas!  The study mostly looked at numbers of residents age 65 and over, number of homeless, and number of people living in poverty.

8.  Essential - The definition of this word has obviously changed since all of this started.  I see a lot of people still working who do not provide essential items or services, but they still have jobs.  To me, essential means that we cannot survive without it... some food, water, medical care, and shelter.  Only "some" food because McDonald's is not essential!
Lawmakers Keeps Calling Essential Workers "Heroes" but Congress has yet to Pass a Hazard Pay Raise - published yesterday.

9.  Social Distance - It's really an oxymoron.  Social means together.  Distance means apart.  I believe in it, but I don't like this term.
U.S. Social Distancing Stabilized but did not Reduce Spread of COVID-19 - published May 12.

10. New Normal - I really don't want this to be my "new normal."  This is also an oxymoron because normal implies something done on a regular basis, not something new.
Companies are Dropping Big Hints about the "New Normal" once Coronavirus Lockdowns End - published May 11.

11. The previous article works for number 11, too.  Lockdown.  We are not now nor have ever been in a true lockdown.  A lockdown implies locked doors, no one going in or out for any reason, and are usually the result of a physical threat.
The Great Irony of America's Armed Anti-lockdown Protestors - published yesterday.

12. Underlying Conditions - I would argue that many of us have underlying conditions, but I would also argue that this is a new way of looking at what makes us susceptible to any particular disease.  I had never heard it put this way before this.
What Underlying Medical Conditions are Killing COVID-19 Patients? - published yesterday.

13. Epidemiologist - I never really paid attention to this particular medical specialty, but this word slips off the tongue quite frequently now.
Governor McMasters Shares SC Epidemiologist's Concern over Lack of Masks, Social Distancing (there's that one again!) - published yesterday.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Random Tuesday

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Well... I went back to work on Mother's Day.  I was happy to be back, particularly with the safeguards they had in place.  Then I went in Monday, and overnight, just like that, and without telling us, customers were no longer required to wear masks.  When I wear a mask, it's protecting whoever I'm talking to.  If they're not wearing a mask, their "droplets" could eventually get on me.  I had promised my husband if they were not wearing masks and following some other guidelines, I would quit.  So, I did.  They didn't even tell us, either!  One person tells another person who tells two more people... like that.  I'm really disillusioned.

I guess I'll just be retired, then.

For you moms out there, how was your mother's day?  I visited with my mom the day before, outside and maintaining a good distance, of course.  I got some happy mail from my daughter in Dallas and a huge box of goodies such as tea, cookies, and so on.  One thing she sent was Chex Mix Muddy Buddies (chocolate and peanut butter).  I love them!

The COVID-19 cases in my area keep going up.  Actually, it's up and down and up and down.  We probably shouldn't even have stores open yet, and definitely not restaurants, but people are much more afraid of a bad economy than they are a virus.  What do cases look like where you are?

My husband and I have coined a new term:  pandemic commercial.  These are the commercials that just play music (often piano music, but not always) and text on the screen.  Have you notice more of this type of commercial?

And have you noticed most commercials sound the same now?

Oh well.  I guess that's all for now.

Have a great week!


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