Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friday Confessional

I confess....

I am so proud of this young man.  He's been raising these rabbits for the livestock show for our district, which was held Wednesday.  He didn't place.  I was heartbroken!  He worked so hard, and I just KNEW he would place!  I wasn't prepared for this.

I confess...

I worked hard, too, and I feel I am partially to blame.  Maybe I didn't buy the right rabbit food, or maybe... I don't know.  This hit me so hard.

I confess...

I was impressed that following this disappointment, instead of saying he was quitting, he started talking about what he wants to do for next year's show.  I love my kid!  Yes, he's hurt, embarrassed, sad, and disappointed (like me), but he's sticking with it.

I confess...
I'm still terribly sad about this.  My husband doesn't seem to understand the depth of my sadness.  I'm not sure I understand why I feel this way, either, but it is still weighing heavily on me.  I wish he seemed more sympathetic to my feelings.  Would he have more empathy if it were one of his daughters instead of his step-son?

And I confess...

Wednesday after the show, I cried like a big baby - not in front of my son - but I cried my eyes out.  It would have been easier if I had lost  the competition rather than him.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

My Happy List

If you saw my blog yesterday, you know I didn't have much happiness lighting up my life.  It wasn't necessarily awful, I just had to do a lot of things I didn't enjoy doing.  Today, though, I will focus on the positive and tell you what I'm happy about.

I'm happy that the movie One for the Money is coming out Friday!  I have read the entire Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, and I've anxiously awaited this movie!  I wonder if they will try to do the whole series, but considering there are 18 so far, I don't know.  And I love the actress who is playing Stephanie, Katherine Heigl.

I'm happy that my son's rabbits will be in the district livestock show tomorrow, and super happy that I am taking a day off to be there to watch.  Wish us luck!  (Here's Mr. Curious!)

I'm happy that my daughter's first Winterguard show/contest is in ten days.  I'm so excited to see the fruits of her labor.  And I get to chaperone!

I'm especially happy that my phone should be in today!  I've been without a phone for three days, and I'm so ready to have it back!

And I'm happy that I truly am blessed... family, friends, career.  I am blessed.
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday was NOT My Day!

My Sunday was full of things I don't particularly enjoy.

First, working the nursery at church.  Oh, I love the kids, but there are three adults, and sometime no kids, and I'd rather be in the service in those circumstances.  Sometimes, there are three kids.  Sometimes there are two kids and their mom stays with them, so I wonder why I'm there.  **sigh**
The Verizon store.  Does anyone else hate that?  And the result was that they won't have my replacement phone for at least two days.  I'm phone-less!  They should have let me get a different phone altogether, but no.  I have to get the same phone, and it ships from their warehouse (none in stock at the store), so I am frustrated.

Shopping.  Had to take my daughter to Kohl's as well as a store at the mall to spend some gift cards.  It is hard shopping with her because she goes through everything, and I mean, everything.  I prefer to go in, get what I want, and get out.  Not her.  Plus, the mall... I just don't enjoy it!  I like to stay as far from the mall as I can.

And the grocery store... my least favorite chore, but it must be done.

And exercising... another thing I'd really rather not do.  But it's good for me, so I did it.
Had to take my son to the barn to work then pick him up five hours later.  And now I'm trying to wind down, but I've got to type a paper for my daughter.  It has been a day filled with things I don't enjoy.  Sure hope tomorrow is better!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not Exactly New Year's

My husband and I had a very low-key new year's celebration this year.  Dinner, then home to watch some of the TV festivities, and a midnight toast... because... the following weekend, we had planned a get-away!

We drove to a hotel in Galveston.  The ocean view was beautiful.  This is a photo right outside of our hotel.

We had a delicious and filling dinner at Saltwater Grill: Tomato bisque soup, potstickers, filet mignon, shrimp, and grilled fish.

And last, we went to a Jerry Jeff Walker concert at the 1894 Grand Opera House, then went to Molly's for a drink.

What an awesome getaway!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

I went to the Rachel's Challenge presentation at school today (third time I had seen/heard the story).  It never ceases to amaze and inspire me.  Like Rachel Scott, I do believe that kindness goes a long way and that kind acts can produce a chain reaction.  Not just random acts of kindness, which are good, but TARGETED acts of kindness which are even better.   (Rachel was the first student who was shot at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.)  Through the way she lived her life, her diaries, her essays, she embodied the Golden Rule and so much more!

What are some EASY ways to show kindness toward others?

1.  In traffic, allow someone to pull in front of you.
2.  Hold the elevator for someone.
3.  Smile and say hello to a stranger.
4.  Open the door for someone.
5.  Pick up something someone has dropped.
6.  Give a sincere, meaninful compliment.
7.  Keep bottled water in your car and give one to the guy on the street corner.
8.  Pay the toll for the car following you at the toll booth.
9.  Say, "I'm sorry," and mean it.
10. Send a random text or Facebook message just to say hi to someone.
11. Say, "Thank you," and mean it.
12. Write a note and put it in your child's/spouse's lunch.
13. Offer to load the groceries into the car if you see someone struggling.

Easy, right?  It really is easy to let someone know that they matter.
Kindness is a chain reaction.  Pay it forward!  And THANK YOU for stopping by today!
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Aloha Friday

Aloha Friday is sponsored by Kailani at An Island Life.  Friday is a day when they take it easy, so I'm posting a simple question that doesn't require a lengthy response.  You can participate, too, by posting a question on your blog and linking it here.

Grocery shopping is the bane of my existence!
Next to that, it would be making lunches.
What about you?  What required task do you dislike most? 
Maybe we can trade!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

13 Movies

13 Movies I Have Watched Recently
(Some at the theater; some on DVD)
1. We Bought a Zoo – I wasn’t expecting this to be so good!
2. Arthur Christmas – This was a really cute movie.
3. New Year’s Eve – I thought it was better than Valentine’s Day, which I also liked. This one has more of a storyline.
4. Horrible Bosses – Inappropriate, yes, but definitely humorous!
5. Bridesmaids – Also inappropriate, but extremely hilarious!
6. Super 8 – Eh. Not great.

7.  White Christmas - One of my favorite Christmas movies.
8. Bad Teacher – Eh. Not very funny.
9. The Help – Probably the best movie I’ve seen in a long time (even though the book was even better.)
10. Salt – Not bad, but completely unbelievable. Almost “Kill-Bill-ish.”
11. Just Go with It – Predictable, but cute.
12. The Fighter – Eh. Not horrible, but not an especially likeable film.
13. Soul Surfer – A good family movie.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

File these under WISHFUL THINKING!

I wish I could...

1. Bake cakes and pies like a friend of mine who used to provide desserts to a 5 star restaurant in our area (until Hurricane Ike hit).
2. Sew like my mother used to do for us when we were growing up. Oh, I can do buttons and minor alterations, and I learned to make a skirt and a shirt when I was in high school, but I would love to be able to take a piece of fabric and turn it into something beautiful.
3. Knit like my mother-in-law.
4. Crochet like a friend who made beautiful blankets for the twins when they were babies.
5. Sing like a woman at church who could definitely record if she had the desire to do so.
6. Speak two languages fluently like some of my students from other countries.
7. Decorate like a friend who lives down the street. She and I have the same floor plan, with a few minor alterations, but her house is so… stylish!
8. Run long distances like my daughter.
9. Volunteer my time like I did when I took a year off teaching. There just isn’t enough time while working a full-time job.
10. Play the piano like my daughters.
11. Write novels like my favorite authors.
12. Paint like a gentleman that goes to my church. He’s very talented.
13. Sleep… like a baby! I have the hardest time falling asleep and staying that way.

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