Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friday Confessional

I confess....

I am so proud of this young man.  He's been raising these rabbits for the livestock show for our district, which was held Wednesday.  He didn't place.  I was heartbroken!  He worked so hard, and I just KNEW he would place!  I wasn't prepared for this.

I confess...

I worked hard, too, and I feel I am partially to blame.  Maybe I didn't buy the right rabbit food, or maybe... I don't know.  This hit me so hard.

I confess...

I was impressed that following this disappointment, instead of saying he was quitting, he started talking about what he wants to do for next year's show.  I love my kid!  Yes, he's hurt, embarrassed, sad, and disappointed (like me), but he's sticking with it.

I confess...
I'm still terribly sad about this.  My husband doesn't seem to understand the depth of my sadness.  I'm not sure I understand why I feel this way, either, but it is still weighing heavily on me.  I wish he seemed more sympathetic to my feelings.  Would he have more empathy if it were one of his daughters instead of his step-son?

And I confess...

Wednesday after the show, I cried like a big baby - not in front of my son - but I cried my eyes out.  It would have been easier if I had lost  the competition rather than him.
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  1. He sounds like such a mature young man. Congratulations to him for being such a good sport!

  2. Sounds like he can take the downs as well as the ups of life--you've got a good kid there.

  3. Yes, good to see he could handle it. It was probably a good lesson, even if it hurt.

  4. Its nice to see that he is still willing to try next year. He is in FFA, correct? FFA is such a great program that teaches kids so much. The fact that he is that mature shows it.

  5. I think sometimes disappointment is harder on the people who love them! I hope the sadness eases.

    Those are some good looking rabbits, as far as I'm concerned! That's awfully brave to put yourself out there, regardless of the results!

  6. Awh! Wish I was in TX so I can give you a hug!

    What a wonderful job you HAVE done raising your son! What a great kid you have! He has the right attitude.

  7. i am upset for your son too...i am also really very impressed with his resilience, good job mama!!

    i am sorry i am so slow getting here, i had a fun busy weekend with my family. gotta live life a little. thanks for linking up!!


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