Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My Happy List

Have you joined Mamarazzi for the Happy List link party yet?  If not, you're missing out!  What a great chance to blog about the goodness in our lives.  And after the week I had last week, well, let's just say I did NOT post a happy list last week!  Ha!  Funny how a few days can make everything better.

Happy #1
Dinner with friends and co-workers at Pappasito's last Friday -  with happy hour prices and a free appetizer!  I had such a great time.  Do you have Pappasito's where you live?  GREAT Mexican food!

Happy #2
Getting caught up on my TV shows!  Once Upon a Time, Grey's Anatomy, The Mentalist, and Castle.  I usually don't have time to watch.

Happy #3
My daughter was nominated for National Honor Society.  Woo hoo!

Happy #4 - and my favorite "happy" of the week...
Watching my daughter's first WinterGuard performance.  I was amazed!  I hadn't seen their routine before, and my jaw was on the floor the entire time.  I had no idea the things she could do and how awesome the team looked together!  They are "statues" who come to life.  I recorded the show, but it was a little shaky at first, and my recorder cut off before the end.  But I got most of it!  They got 5th place out of 13 in their class, which isn't bad considering most of them have been doing this for only a few months.  And they're getting better and better.  My daughter is in the middle of the front (not the first one who dances, but just to the left of her).  I wish I had the ending!  Next time!

Here is a picture of the ending.


  1. wow...national honor society, thrilling!! so much to be happy about. browsing from my phone as i sit at my nephews karate practice, really wishing i could watch the videos. i am going to have to come back!!

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. Woo Hoo for the National Honor Society!!!!

    What a performance! Very beautiful.

  3. National Honor Society is an amazing accomplishment! She will cherish it I am sure, I did!

    Blogjogging from Mamarazzi! http://livelaughloveandchaos.blogspot.com/


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