Monday, February 20, 2012

Get Organized Online with Clipix

I have just found a great new tool to help me get organized online.  It’s called clipix, and it’s FREE.  You can sign in with your Facebook account, Twitter account, or email account.  It’s so easy… and fun!  Check out this clipix YouTube video to see what it’s all about, or just keep reading.
The first thing I did was add the “clip” tool to my toolbar.  That way, when I am on a website, photo, article, or recipe that Iknow I want to return to, all I do is use the clip tool and choose which clipboard I want to save to.  For example, my first clipboard is “Authors I Love.”  There, all in one place, I have access to the websites of all of my favorite writers so I will be in the know when a new book is published

Another idea I have is a Wish List clipboard.  I am going to put websites and photos of the things I would like to purchase for myself or receive as a gift.  It’s going to be great for bathroom remodeling ideas, too, which is something we are just beginning to research.  I want to create a clipboard for each of my family members where I can keep gift ideas.  It’s going to be great for recipes, vacation ideas, and date-night ideas.  The possibilities are endless.
The best thing about using Clipix is that I can determine my own privacy settings for each individual clipboard.  For example, I don’t want anyone to see my gift ideas except for me.  That way, my gifts will be a surprise.  I want to share my recipes with my family and friends who have joined Clipix.  Perhaps my bathroom ideas will be public so other people can add to my clipboard.  The sky’s the limit!
Clipix is available on the go with the free iPhone app.   Visit Clipix and see what it can do!  I’d love to know what you think.
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