Monday, August 29, 2016

That's Random

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So, I bruise easily.  I also tend to bang my arms or legs or whatever into things I should not bang them into.  I don't do it on purpose!

Last week, I had a "fight" with the package drop at the post office, and I lost... twice.  Here's the evidence.

It got worse before it got better; in fact, I still have it, but it is fading.  Come to find out, if doctors see bruises like that, they actually have to ask you if you feel safe at home.  And I learned that the worst thing to say is, "I'm accident prone."  My doctor said that is an often-used excuse of abused women.  That makes me sad.

Then, there's something that makes me mad.  Colin Kaepurnick.  He refuses to stand for the National Anthem purportedly because people of color are oppressed in the United States.   He is biracial, raise by a white family.  He has never experienced oppression himself, or he wouldn't be making millions today for playing a ball game.  What an example of entitlement!
Image Credit
How is not standing going to help anyone?  Maybe he could put his money where his mouth is.  Or write some letters.  Or do public service announcements.  Although he is most assuredly entitled to his opinion,.. to refuse to stand for the anthem of this great country is inexcusable.   I'm very pleased to hear some sportscasters and football coaches speaking out in opposition to his behavior. Colin, you are an embarrassment to your country.

And did you know there is actual Federal Code regarding this situation?  You can check it out here.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Random, but not Really

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So, school happened.  I'm back to teaching, my daughter is back at her university.  Her first day of classes was yesterday, and her first day of work.  She's working on campus in their call center for enrollment services.  My son moved into his dorm Saturday, and his classes start Wednesday.  The older daughter will be back for classes next Monday, and she graduates in December.  We're also planning her wedding for next summer.  Whew!  There's a lot going on! I'm exhausted.  Sooooo....

That's all I have.  Have a great week!

Monday, August 15, 2016

So Random

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EXHAUSTED! That is the only word for how I feel after my first day back to work after a fairly uneventful summer. What a super long day! They didn't let us have a nap. The nerve! I became so accustomed to napping this summer along with other guilty pleasures like watching The Bachelorette and catching up on all 5 seasons of Scandal ( And Shhh! Don't tell... Bachelor in Paradise. I'm a little ashamed of myself for that one).

 Today was a rude awakening! I sat in hours of boring meetings, but I did have about two hours to work in my classroom. Everything had been stacked and pushed into a corner, and one of my computer power cords is missing. How does that happen? And there were seven extra desks in my room. Space is already limited, so the extra desks had to go. Oh, well.

Extra long day tomorrow because I have to drive much further to get to another school, then back to my school afterwards for sixth grade orientation. The fun never ends!

Driving home, I was listening to the news. There was a story about how brain activity doesn't stop when the heart stops. Scientists used to believe that the brain stopped as soon as the heart did, but new studies show that the brain can continue processing thoughts for as long as three minutes after the hearts stops.  There is some consciousness.

This made me cry. Literally. Tears. Why? Because I held my dad's hand while the nurses unplugged the machine. I let out a little cry, and his heart monitor blipped in a different way before it stopped. The thought of him being aware of his surroundings at that time makes me so very sad.  But then, maybe he wasn't conscious.  The doctors said he had no brain waves.

On a better note, I got my ten year pin today. I'm starting year 28 in the state, 11 of those in this district. Go me! Hahahaha!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


My son and I have been enjoying watching the Olympics this week.  He even watches gymnastics with me.  My husband has even watched some with me.  But as we watch, we come up with so many questions!  I wonder if you had any of these same questions.

1.  Has a country ever swept an event (received gold, silver, and bronze on the same event at the same time)?  Well, yes.  Yes, they have.  There's quite a list.

2.  On the rings, what is meant by planking?  It has a different meaning if you simply look up planking or look it up in the urban dictionary.
Image Credit Planking
3.  How is it determined who will swim in each lane?  I had no idea.  I never did any competitive swimming.

4.  How do Olympians make money?  Do athletes get paid for winning?  I had no idea.

5.  How are diving events scored?

6.  What is the current medal count?
Image Credit
7.  Are there shooting events?  (This was one of the first things my son wanted to know.)

8.  When do the track and field events start?  Soon!

9.  How much do those cute gymnastics leotards cost?  OMGosh!
Getty Images
10. Who is the oldest American competing this year?  Way to go!  Bronze!

11. Who is the oldest Olympic competitor ever?  6 Medals!

12. Why did the water in the diving pool turn green?
Getty Images

13. What do the Olympic rings represent?

These are just a sample of the questions we had.  Watching the Olympics is so much fun!
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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Random Tuesday

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My summer is coming to a close.  I have less than one week before I report back to work to get ready for the school year.  I have become so accustomed to my afternoon naps that transitioning back into a work schedule is going to be so difficult.
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 And the first day of classes is August 22nd.  The 21st will be a sleepless night.  Who can sleep before the first day of school?  Even teachers have this problem.  Since I'm a ready and writing teacher, I'd love to hear your favorite young adult book if you can leave the author and title in the comments.

I'm loving the Olympics!  I've been watching swimming, diving, volleyball, and gymnastics.  Gymnastics is my favorite!  There are some other great events coming up, too!  What's your favorite?
Image Credit
Did you hear about the French  gymnast who snapped his leg when he landed his vault?  It's heart-breaking!  Have you seen the video?  It gave me the heebeejeebees!  YouTube removed the video as it was a violation of copyright from the Olympic committee, but a few different news sites have posted their own videos.  You may not want to watch, though!  It's gruesome.  And as if that weren't bad enough, the staffers carrying his stretcher to the waiting ambulance dropped him and he fell to the floor.
Getty Images
The gymnast, Samir Ait Said, age 26, broke both his tibia and fibia.  Four years ago, just two months before the London Olympics, he fractured his right leg in three places.  Here is an article about the injury - no disturbing photos or videos.  Now if you're not squeamish and would like a photo or video, you can try this link. Wishing him a complete recovery!
Image Credit
Oh, and that poor 10 year old boy who lost his life on the water coaster!  Also heartbreaking.  I can't imagine, first, how the family is handling it, and second, how in the world something like that could happen.  We have two Schlitterbahn parks here in Texas including the original which I have been to many times, but I've thankfully not seen anyone get hurt, much less killed.  I doubt I would have ridden Verruckt.  It's taller than the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls!

Let's hope there are no horrible stories this coming week.  I'd love it if you hopped over to this young blogger's page to read about living a minimalist life.  Have a great week!

Saturday, August 06, 2016

It's Only My Opinion

The Red Queen (The Cousins' War, #2)The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Philippa Gregory has done it again! She never ceases to amaze me with her historical interpretation of the English monarchy. It is apparent that she has researched well her subjects, yet rather than reading like a history book, her novels read like fiction, full of intrigue, betrayals, mystery, and colorful characters both to like and dislike.

I listened to this book on audio while making a fairly long trip. Some worried it might put me to sleep as I listened and drove, but it did quite the opposite. It kept me on the edge of my seat anxious for what would come next, even knowing what happens in the end from basic world history classes. I'm fascinated with Gregory's ability to make each heroine beloved to the reader, so while the reader may dislike a character when reading one book, when written from the much-maligned character's point of view, the reader has turned her coat for the new hero or heroine. I wasn't sure I wanted to read this book as I read The White Queen and The White Princess skipping over this and two other books. I am thankful I was able to read this one, and the fact that I read them out of order did not make it any less exciting.

Margaret Beaufort, heiress to the House of Lancaster, an overly pious woman, is the central character of The Red Queen. With dreams of following the path of Joan of Arc, she finds at a young age that her role in the history of the world is not to be martyrdom, but to be the mother of the first Tudor King, the one who can unite the Houses of York and Lancaster. She never gives up her belief that her only son, Henry, is the true heir to the throne, a throne that will give her more power than even the King himself.  I found myself cheering for her.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2016


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Oh, hello August!  You crept up on me.  I have really mixed feelings about you.  It's still summer, and I love sleeping in and having few obligations, but I report for work in a couple of weeks, and my kids start back at college, and I'm not ready, mentally, emotionally, financially, or even physically.  So August, can we take things slowly, please?

Sunday at the grocery store, there was a young couple (maybe a couple, maybe brother and sister, I have no idea, but there was a young man and a young woman), and they were playing Pokemon Go while they shopped.  I got so frustrated because they would just stop, right in the middle where people were trying to walk, and check their phones.  Can you tell I don't play Pokemon Go?  I know little to nothing about it, and I think I'm okay not knowing.  Here's a little laugh for you.

And have you seen this?  This just scares me!

Do you play Pokemon Go?

And I just have to say... I'm a little disappointed in Joelle Fletcher right now.  Her family probably is, too.  But I hope she will be happy forever.

That's all for now!


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