Monday, August 29, 2016

That's Random

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So, I bruise easily.  I also tend to bang my arms or legs or whatever into things I should not bang them into.  I don't do it on purpose!

Last week, I had a "fight" with the package drop at the post office, and I lost... twice.  Here's the evidence.

It got worse before it got better; in fact, I still have it, but it is fading.  Come to find out, if doctors see bruises like that, they actually have to ask you if you feel safe at home.  And I learned that the worst thing to say is, "I'm accident prone."  My doctor said that is an often-used excuse of abused women.  That makes me sad.

Then, there's something that makes me mad.  Colin Kaepurnick.  He refuses to stand for the National Anthem purportedly because people of color are oppressed in the United States.   He is biracial, raise by a white family.  He has never experienced oppression himself, or he wouldn't be making millions today for playing a ball game.  What an example of entitlement!
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How is not standing going to help anyone?  Maybe he could put his money where his mouth is.  Or write some letters.  Or do public service announcements.  Although he is most assuredly entitled to his opinion,.. to refuse to stand for the anthem of this great country is inexcusable.   I'm very pleased to hear some sportscasters and football coaches speaking out in opposition to his behavior. Colin, you are an embarrassment to your country.

And did you know there is actual Federal Code regarding this situation?  You can check it out here.

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