Thursday, August 11, 2016


My son and I have been enjoying watching the Olympics this week.  He even watches gymnastics with me.  My husband has even watched some with me.  But as we watch, we come up with so many questions!  I wonder if you had any of these same questions.

1.  Has a country ever swept an event (received gold, silver, and bronze on the same event at the same time)?  Well, yes.  Yes, they have.  There's quite a list.

2.  On the rings, what is meant by planking?  It has a different meaning if you simply look up planking or look it up in the urban dictionary.
Image Credit Planking
3.  How is it determined who will swim in each lane?  I had no idea.  I never did any competitive swimming.

4.  How do Olympians make money?  Do athletes get paid for winning?  I had no idea.

5.  How are diving events scored?

6.  What is the current medal count?
Image Credit
7.  Are there shooting events?  (This was one of the first things my son wanted to know.)

8.  When do the track and field events start?  Soon!

9.  How much do those cute gymnastics leotards cost?  OMGosh!
Getty Images
10. Who is the oldest American competing this year?  Way to go!  Bronze!

11. Who is the oldest Olympic competitor ever?  6 Medals!

12. Why did the water in the diving pool turn green?
Getty Images

13. What do the Olympic rings represent?

These are just a sample of the questions we had.  Watching the Olympics is so much fun!
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  1. Good to have those questions answered. Thanks for researching.

  2. I looked up planking but still don't understand how those kids are sticking to the wall.

  3. I asked my student this week who is reading the book Mythology for school who is the goddess on the Olympic coin??Her brother said Hercules Facepalm

  4. That is a lot of questions. I knew there was shooting in the Olympics because a Virginia girl took the first gold for the U.S. But I am not watching the games. The summer Olympics have never interested me.


  5. You guys had lots of great questions! And the Olympics are/were fun to watch!

  6. Sadly, I missed the Opening Ceremonies and some of the Prime Time coverage this week due to working and not having any way to record events. Plus, NBC is RUDE and won't let you watch missed programs until 8 days after they've aired. Maybe I can catch the Opening Ceremonies next week. :-\

    I saw an article on the gymnastics uniforms earlier today on a local news channels site. Holy cow! You can understand why they don't go that fancy every Olympics. Also knew the answers to most of the other questions, including the now infamous green pool water. Looking forward to watching swim and gymnastics tonight!

  7. Oh yes those gymnast's costumes are expensive. Rodeo queens and Competition skating contestants all know this, too.
    Very fun meme. Great post!


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