Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Photo Wednesday


This is about the ugliest Easter egg I have ever made!  My daughter and I were using a new process of coloring.  Hers turned out mostly right, but then... there were mine.  No so pretty.  It reminded me of an alien!

I took my mom to see Luzia (by Cirque du Soleil) two years go.  We had enjoyed seeing them in Vegas, but this was only 45 minute drive for us.  It was such a fun day!  And here she is in front of the butterfly backup.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Happy Random Tuesday

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Yesterday was a very draining day.  Trying to coordinate my mom's health issues with her doctors, and keep her calendar, and making sure my sister and I can get her where she needs to be.  We have to get all of her paperwork done and coordinate with the infusion pharmacy for getting her meds delivered and people to do the infusions.  Today, I must have taken a dozen calls (at least) from doctors, pharmacy, and home health care.  Way too much to do!

I got to see this little beauty on Sunday.

Made my day!

I've been working on some cute Easter crafts and Easter cards.  Those are going well, but I don't think my wood craft is  going as planned.

I'm supposed to get my second COVID vaccine next week, but I haven't received an appointment time yet.

Have I ever mentioned my driving skills?  Well, maybe it's not my skills, but my inability to remain attentive when driving for over 45 minutes if it's the middle of the day. I'd rather drive at night.  The sun makes me sleepy, so if I'm already tired, it's really bad!  I'm not fond of driving during the daytime hours.

And... Funnies!
Like me!  So tired!

This is sooo me!

Sounds like me!

And last, but not least...
Awwww. Cute "Panda!"

Have a great week!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Friendship Friday, Easter Pails, and SVGs

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This has been a fun week for crafting.

First, I made some Easter pails. I purchased the mini pails from Oriental Trading Company.   I used adhesive vinyl from Paper Studio and Cricut brand transfer tape to make them.  I got this FREE cut file from Crafthouse SVG.

Get the cut file here.
Isn't it cute?

I chose this file for an Easter card.
Get this cut file here or by clicking on the photo.

Look at all these bunny faces!  And I can think of a dozen projects for these!

Get this cut file here or click the photo

Another thing I love about Craft House SVG (in addition to the freebies) is the ability to create your own bundle.

Right now, you can use the code Forgetfulone to save 10% on anything you purchase at Craft House SVG!

Another place I go to get free and inexpensive SVGs and fonts is Creative Fabrica.  Look at this cute font for only $1!
Get this font!

I still have a few Easter cards to make, and I've still got a lot of organizing to do in my craft room!  I also started on a wood craft for my granddaughter.  I'm trying to copy something I saw at Hobby Lobby.  I will post a picture if it's not a fail!  With all that's going on with my mom, I'm glad to have some hobbies that keep me sane.

And before I go, I made a new recipe this week from Easy Family Recipes.  Creamy garlic parmesan chicken.  It was sooooo good!

Have a great weekend!  Cooking, crafting, or whatever makes you happy!

Thursday Thirteen


  According to Hobby Database online, there are 75 million collectors worldwide, and that 42% of American households have at least one collector in the family.  But what do they collect?  Here are a few things...

1. Coins - wheat pennies, Bi-Centennial quarters, Buffalo nickels, American Silver Eagle... coins are a popular collectible.

2. Stamps - This is a pretty old hobby, and their are many online stamp-collecting groups.  People collect stamps with animals, flowers, people, and so on.

Speaking of stamps... I'm going off topic for a minute.  Do you remember those green S&H stamps people used to collect?

  I'm probably showing my age, but I remember my mom and grandmother collecting them in the 60's and 70's.  People would get them when they checked out at certain grocery stores, department stores, and gas stations.  The green stamps could be traded in for products from a rewards catalog.  It was basically a loyalty program... but I digress.

3.  Barbies!  Quite a few Barbies are worth a lot of money, but only in good condition.  Alas, my Barbies are in terrible shape up in the attic except for a few Holiday Barbies that I have still in their boxes. 

Image Credit
Malibu Barbie could sell for anywhere from $45 to $200 depending on edition and condition.

4. Bells.  I used to collect bells everywhere I went.  I guess I wasn't as "into it" as I became older, but there are collectible bells being sold on eBay.

5.  Cards.  There are baseball cards, Yu-gi-oh cards, Pokemon cards, to name a few.  My son had all of them when he was a little boy.  I think he even had some football cards.  I hope he keeps them in case they are worth some money later.

6. Coca-Cola products.  I have a few items of Coca-Cola memorabilia.  Someday, I would love to do a whole room in various Coke products and decorations.

Source:  This sign sold for over $800 at an auction in 2008.

7. Figurines.  There are so many different brands!  Funko Pop, Dreamsicles, Willow Tree, Hummell, Precious Moments, and many more!  I used to have Dreamsicles.  I still do, actually.  You guessed it!  Many are in the attic.

8. Sports Memorabilia.  These can be extremely expensive.  Rings, jerseys, hats, pins, bobble-heads, posters, balls, trophies, and more.  Both Michael Jordan's and Kobe Bryant's bobble-heads sell for $25 each on eBay.

9.  Spoons.  This is another collectible that has been around forever.  When I was growing up, we had a neighbor who purchased a spoon on every trip she took.  Most of them had either the name of the state, city, or attraction she was visiting.

10.  Thimbles.  Another practically ancient collectible.  I imagine many kids today don't know what a thimble is.

Speaking of thimbles, did your family always argue over who got to be the thimble when playing Monopoly?  Yeah.  Mine neither. I digress again.

11. I Love Lucy.  I used to have a small collection of I Love Lucy items.  I loved her!  She was so funny, and there is no one else like her.  There are dolls, posters, salt and pepper shakers, signs, clothing, plates, ornaments, and so much more.

Image Credit

12. Comic Books.  I wish I had saved my Peanuts, Archie, Linda Lulu, and Ritchie Rich comics from childhood, but I didn't.  Superhero comic books are very popular now.  

13. Vinyl Records. I think most people age 50 and up likely have a collection of vinyl records.  I do, my husband does, my sister and her husband do.  I have no idea if anything we have is worth money, though.

I would like to thank Clipart Library for the free images.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Photo Wednesday


My street during the February 2021 "ice storm."  Remember, this is south Texas!

An egret about to land on a lake in Robinson Park, Seabrook, Texas,

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Random Happy Tuesday

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Is it just me, or does Jim Parsons resemble David Cassidy?  I was watching "How it Really Happened" about the death of David Cassidy, and at a glance, I thought they looked similar.  What do you think?

I imagine if you're under age 50, you may not know who David Cassidy was.

I went in for allergy testing yesterday.  They tested me for 116 possible allergies.  Eighty of them were done with the scratch tests.

scratch test

 I had ten of these, each with 8 lancets, on my back.  Then we moved to the second part where the rest of the allergens, 36, to be exact, were done with the intradermal injection on the upper arms.
Intradermal testing Image Credit

It was like getting 36 shots, and I'm a bleeder.  My arms look terrible!  All of those little dots turn almost black with blood.  Not that I really care how it looks, but that part of the test was painful.  

Turns out, it was a colossal waste of time and money.  I won't even tell you how much it cost.  And I wasn't surprised by any of my allergies except one, pet dander.  My other allergies:  dust and dust mites, mold, and tree pollen.  But I really already knew that.  If I want to treat my allergies with immunotherapy, I will have to go off my migraine prevention medicine.  And the cost... don't get me started!  So, do I stop the migraine meds and get the allergy shots or do I continue using OTC allergy medicine?  I have no idea!

My sister and I are still taking my mom to all of her appointments.  That's been a big stressor, too.  It's hard to watch someone you love when they are in pain, especially when she has difficulty trying to explain her own current problems. Six different doctors, tests, procedures... The wound on her leg is just getting bigger.  Have any of you ever heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?  I'm wondering if that could help her.

And funnies...
I love a god pun!

This is so true!

Didn't there used to be a PSA to this effect about kids and drugs?  Or was it sex?

And last but not least...
Have a great week!


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