Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday Thirteen

 I have been watching a lot of true crime shows lately.  Here are a few.

1. The Keepers on Netflix. Grade: A.   Heartbreaking docuseries about a missing nun, Sister Cathy, and how it ties to scandal in the Catholic church.

2. Athlete A on Netflix.  Grade:  A.  Story of Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics doctor, and alleged abuse of female athletes.

3. Murder Among the Mormons on Netflix. Grade:  C.   A rather long, drawn out documentary about scandal, forgeries, and bombs affecting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

4. Snowden on Netflix.  Grade: A.   Movie based on Edward Snowden's experience with the NSA's illegal surveillance.

5. Evil Genius on Netflix. Grade: B.  Story of the pizza bomber's bank heist and the very unusual suspects.

6. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer on Netflix. Grade: A.  The crimes and trial of Richard Ramirez, American serial killer.

7. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel on Netflix.  Grade: B.   College student Elisa Lam went missing at the Cecil Hotel.

8. 20/20: Five Weddings and a Murder on Hulu.  Grade: B.    Margaret Rudin spent 20 years in prison for murdering her husband for financial gain.  But did she really commit the crime?  She is now a 77 year old great grandmother.

9. American Murder Mystery:  Jodi Arias on Hulu. Grade: B.   The murder of Travis Alexander and all the sex and lies that were intertwined with the case.

10. Unbelievable on Netflix.  Grade: A.   True story of a woman who is accused of lying about her rape.

11. Dirty John on Netflix.  Grade: A.  True story of a woman who meets the man of her dreams on the Internet, only to find out he only wants her money.

12. How it Really Happened: Aaron Hernandez on HLN. Grade: A.   Aaron Hernandez, future football star in the NFL is charged with murder.

13. Waco on Prime.  Grade: A.   What really happened at the Branch Davidian's compound in Waco, Texas?  How did David Koresh and much of his "flock" lose their lives in what was supposed to be peaceful.

These are just some of the true crime shows I've watched.

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