Friday, December 31, 2021

Looking Back on 2021 (Writer's Workshop)

I am participating in Writer's Workshop for the first time.  I used to participate in Sunday Scribblings, which was very similar, but sadly, that ended in 2013.  One of the prompts this week is "Share your favorite moments of 2021."

Mama’s Losin’ It

2021 was definitely not a stellar year in many ways, but there were moments that were stellar in their own way.  For example, last January, my husband and I drove to Brazos Bend State Park and hiked for a while.  It was peaceful and beautiful. We visited other local and state parks as well.

We also vacationed at Blisswood Bed and Breakfast Ranch as well as Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Lake Charles.  Retirement is a blessing in that regard!

I was able to go to the Fort Worth Stockyards with my twins and my daughter and I went to Decorator's Warehouse (the BIGGEST Christmas store) in Arlington. 

Our little grand-daughter turned one this year.  She will actually be two in two months.  She's brought us so much joy! And she's changed so much since this photo!  

We attended my nephew's wedding in October!  It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception.

I have expanded my crafting and sewing skills this year and intend to continue to try to do so. I have found several blogs and websites to help me along the way, and YouTube is extremely helpful!  I was actually able to hand-craft several gifts that I think, I hope, the receiver's loved and appreciated.

This is one of the gift card holders I made.

I also loved loved loved my beautiful Christmas tree this year even though it was so tall we couldn't get the tree-topper on it! And my sister and I were able to attend the Christmas party at my mom's assisted living facility.

I met my Goodreads reading goal of 30 books for the year!

And on a side note, another prompt asked if you had chosen a word of the year for 2022.  Writing this post has helped me choose my word... IMPROVE.

I can... Improve my knowledge of subjects like dementia in order to help my mom.  Improve my scrapbooking, crafting, and sewing skills.  Improve my faith.  Improve my reading and writing.  Improve my ability to set healthy boundaries and take breaks when I am feeling overwhelmed. Improve my relationships. Thanks Mama Kat for helping me decide on my word!

Not every part of 2021 was good, but there was enough good in it to outweigh the not-so-good, so I am thankful.

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Thursday, December 30, 2021

364th Day of the Year-A Thursday Thirteen

 Today, Thursday, Dec. 30, 2021 is the 364th day of the year, and the number 364 is today's topic, albeit very random.  I just couldn't bring myself to write about New Year's plans (of which I have none) or resolutions (which I don't write).

Image Credit

1.  In Numerology, number 364 is an Angel number meaning that your angels want you to take care of yourself and others and live a happy life.  That's a very brief summary of its meaning, but you can read more here if you are so inclined. 

2.  In Strong's Greek Lexicon, number 364 refers to a word meaning remembrance which appears in the New Testament four times.

3.  In medicine, the number 364 appears on Isometheptene Mucate, Dichloralphenazone, Acetominophen (preceded by the letters DPI). This capsule is used to treat migraine or tension headaches.

4.  364 is written this way in Roman numerals:  CCCLXIV.

5.  The number 364 is NOT a prime number in math. (Side note - I had to look up what a prime number is.  It's been so long since I did math!)

6.  There are 12 divisors of number 364: 1, 2, 4, 7, 13, 14, 26, 28, 62, 91, 182, 364.

7.  Isara is asteroid number 364.  It was discovered in 1893 by A. H. Charloise at the Nice Conservatory.

Side note:  Driving 364 KM per hour would be over three times the normal speed limit.

8.  364 kilometers is equal to 226.179 miles.

9.  364 miles is equal to 585.801 kilometers.

10. 364 is a very low credit score.  Scores range from 300-850.  The lower the number, the worse the credit score.

11. If your restaurant bill is $364.00, first of all, how many people are you feeding at one time, or why are you going to such an expensive restaurant... but I digress.  The standard tip (based on where I live) for that number would be $72.80 bringing your total bill to $436.80.

12. If every year was 364 days long instead of 365, each day of the year would fall on the same day of the week every year. 

By Megistias - Own work, Public Domain,

13. In 364BC, The Battle of Cynoscephalae was fought pitting the Theban forces against Thessalian troops.  Even though the leader of the Theban forces was killed, their forces won the battle.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Fun Photos

 I've gotten a couple of pictures of the night sky very near sunset over the past few days and want to share them.

December 20 about 6-6:15 PM. I just love the pink and orange clouds!

December 24 from our aunt's back porch. The marina, pal, trees, and sunset.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Happy Tuesday to you, Random Friends

 I'm linking up with Tuesdays Random Thoughts and Happy Tuesday.

Well, Christmas is over, despite record high heat for December, but not all of the gifts are open since our families are spread far and wide.  It's impossible to visit every single person you'd like to visit because there is only so much time.  But we make the best of it! 

One very happy thing this year is that I LOVED my tree, even though a couple of strings of lights went out on it.  We got it from the neighbor.  I have NO idea why they didn't want to keep it, except that it is huge and takes up a lot of space.  We couldn't get the star of top.  There wasn't room for it.  The tree is 9 feet tall.  So, I will be spending the next few days trying to figure out how to convince my husband to let us keep it.  Even the cat loved the tree!

What are your traditions for taking down the tree?  We don't really have any.  We just take it down when we feel like it.  I just remembered, we didn't place the pickle on the tree.  You can read about that tradition here.  It's fun!

And as stated previously, I don't make New Year's resolutions.  I change my goals as I go through the year. More on that later this week.

Quick question... does anyone know who I can contact to find a support group for caregivers of dementia patients, in this case, a parent.  I really do need to know!

On to some funnies:

This sounds delicious, if you're the type who drinks coffee.  I'm not thought.

Soooo true!

Actually, no.  I'd just rather set goals in a less-pressured time.

Have a great week!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thursday Thirteen - Projects

 Happy Thursday!  Back at the beginning of the season, actually shortly before Thanksgiving, I made a list of the many crafts and projects I wanted to do.  While I didn't get ALL of them done, I feel pretty good about the things I was able to do.

1. Most recently, I finished a gift card holder.  I wish I had worked on this one sooner.  It was super-easy, once I got it cut correctly.

link to directions

2.  And just before that, I finished these pajama pants for my granddaughter and ironed a snowflake on the top to match.

3.  A jar of vegan 5 bean soup to gift my son-in-law.

I haven't added ribbon, label, or directions yet. Idea source.

4.  A reclaimed-wood sign with a scarecrow on one side and a snowman on the other.

Idea Source.

5. Lettering on an insulated cup to give my sister.

6. A Christmas tree skirt.  I cut it out last year and finally put it together this year.  It matches my gift card holder.

Photo taken at an odd angle

7. A tote bag made of Harry Potter Marauder's Map fabric which I gave her for her birthday a week ago.

8.  A Christmas hoop decoration.

9. A snowflake ornament. 

10. Ho Ho Ho decorative sign.

Idea Source

11.  Paper bows.

12. Two countdown signs.  I painted wood with chalkboard paint and added Cricut adhesive vinyl.

13. A lace-trimmed scarf for my daughter.

Sewing Directions

There are a few more things which I may post at a later time.  But- to be perfectly honest - I threw away three projects that were what people might call "Pinterest fails." Anyway, visit Thursday Thirteen for more fun lists!  Check out Life as a LEO Wife for more fun, hand-made projects!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Random and Not-Exactly-Happy

Hello again, Tuesday.  If you're looking for a positive, super-happy, Christmasy post, this is not it.  Click your back button now. 

I'm starting with a random pet peeve... Incorrect spelling and/or grammar.

I'm on a beautiful blog reading wonderful stories and getting great ideas, and I see a grammatical error, which is odd, because the author did not make this same error in several other areas.  Can you spot the problem?

Once your done shopping for others,

It seems small, but it makes me want to click away quickly and forget everything the author has written.  I realize everyone makes mistakes, but if you have a blog with tons of affiliate links and paid content, I don't expect obvious mistakes.  If you can suggest your readers shop at Williams Sonoma, Sur Le Table, and Pottery Barn, which is much more upscale than its name implies, then you should have a good editor or editorial program. Or, perhaps I am too critical.

I'm just in a "mood" lately.  I am feeling used, neglected, taken advantage of, and just plain tired. Life is hard sometimes. I have cried more in 24 hours than I have in the last five years put together.

One of my daughters and her husband were here this past weekend.  We had a fun "Christmas" on Sunday since she will not be here on Christmas day.  I thought I was prepared for her not to be here, but my son just told me he is leaving in two days to spend Christmas with his dad since he doesn't see him every day. Christmas will feel extra lonely without either of them here.  Luckily, the grandbaby will be here.

I absolutely love our Christmas tree this year even though the lights are burned out in two sections, and even though it's a little lopsided with a few presents gone from underneath already.  My cat is very interested in it, but she's not like she was as a kitten when she actually climbed the whole tree.  And speaking of cats... here come some funnies. This should make you smile!  I did!

This really cracked me up!

And last, but not least...

Have a great week, and Merry Christmas!

P. S.  Link up with Random Tuesday Thoughts and Happy Tuesday.


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