Thursday, December 02, 2021

13 Things to Celebrate in December


For most people I know, Christmas is the ultimate holiday for the month of December.  However, here are some crazy holidays and observances throughout the month of December:

Dec. 2 - Today is National Fritters Day.  Who knew we needed a holiday to celebrate fritters?  I have never made a fritter.  Have you?

Dec. 3 - National Make a Gift Day. Now this is one I can get behind even though it's not exactly an official holiday.  I think I'll make headbands to give our daughters today.

Dec. 4 - World Wildlife Conservation Day.  Here's another observance I can get behind.

Dec. 6 - Saint Nicholas Day.  It is also called the Feast of Saint Nicholas of Myra, a man known to be generous by giving gifts to others. Children might leave their shoes or boots in the foyer in hopes that St. Nicholas would leave them coins.

Dec. 7 - National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  If you are from the U. S., know a little history (or even, perhaps, remember Pearl Harbor), then you saw this coming for Dec. 7.

Dec. 9 - Christmas Card Day.  Good thing I made my Christmas cards yesterday. Maybe I can get them mailed by Dec. 9.  Did you know that the first commercial Christmas card was made in 1843?  They were created to encourage people to use the new postal system in England.

Dec. 10 - Nobel Prize Day.  This is when the winners of the various Nobel Prizes are announced.

Dec. 12 - National Poinsettia Day.  The poinsettia is named for Joel Poinsett who brought the plants to the U. S. from Mexico.  Did you know the "flowers" on the plant are actually leaves? 

Dec. 13 - National Hot Cocoa Day.  Does anyone dislike hot cocoa?  (We call is hot chocolate.).  And cocoa is full of anti-oxidants, so I'm declaring it good for me!

Dec. 15 - National Cupcake Day.  Let's throw a cupcake party!  I just love these single-serve cakes!

Dec, 17 - National Ugly Sweater Day.  Here's another reason to throw a party: Have an "ugly" Christmas sweater contest. I had some good ones back in the day!

Dec. 18 - International Migrants Day. This observance was started by the United Nations as a way to honor and recognize migrants for all of their contributions to society. 

Dec. 20 - Go Caroling Day.  The Christmas season isn't complete without some carols.  We used to go caroling every year when I was growing up, but I haven't seen actual carolers in a long while.

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  1. What a wonderful list of 13 things to celebrate this month! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven't seen carolers ever, out here in rural America. Nor do I think I've ever eaten a fritter. I am seriously lacking in something!

  3. This is a great list! Nice things to look forward to this month!

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