Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thursday Thirteen - Projects

 Happy Thursday!  Back at the beginning of the season, actually shortly before Thanksgiving, I made a list of the many crafts and projects I wanted to do.  While I didn't get ALL of them done, I feel pretty good about the things I was able to do.

1. Most recently, I finished a gift card holder.  I wish I had worked on this one sooner.  It was super-easy, once I got it cut correctly.

link to directions

2.  And just before that, I finished these pajama pants for my granddaughter and ironed a snowflake on the top to match.

3.  A jar of vegan 5 bean soup to gift my son-in-law.

I haven't added ribbon, label, or directions yet. Idea source.

4.  A reclaimed-wood sign with a scarecrow on one side and a snowman on the other.

Idea Source.

5. Lettering on an insulated cup to give my sister.

6. A Christmas tree skirt.  I cut it out last year and finally put it together this year.  It matches my gift card holder.

Photo taken at an odd angle

7. A tote bag made of Harry Potter Marauder's Map fabric which I gave her for her birthday a week ago.

8.  A Christmas hoop decoration.

9. A snowflake ornament. 

10. Ho Ho Ho decorative sign.

Idea Source

11.  Paper bows.

12. Two countdown signs.  I painted wood with chalkboard paint and added Cricut adhesive vinyl.

13. A lace-trimmed scarf for my daughter.

Sewing Directions

There are a few more things which I may post at a later time.  But- to be perfectly honest - I threw away three projects that were what people might call "Pinterest fails." Anyway, visit Thursday Thirteen for more fun lists!  Check out Life as a LEO Wife for more fun, hand-made projects!


  1. What wonderful projects! I jumped over from Thursday Thirteen! Happy Holidays!!!!

  2. Great projects! I like the sign idea - good way to reuse stuff and get double for it!

  3. Those are great. And so festive.

  4. Right now i'm admiring your skills!


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