Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Too Crazy Busy!

 Is anyone else super busy right now?  Dumb question.  Of course you are!  I've been thinking about what I want to post for a couple of days now, but time got away from me, and now I can't remember what I wanted to post!  Please say I'm not the only one!

I love Christmas and all that goes with it... decorating, choosing just the right gifts, hand-crafting items, and if my daughter still lived here, baking some Christmas goodies.  My daughter's specialty was Oreo cake balls.  Mmmm.  So good. And so pretty you'd think we bought them.  But I don't do them without her.

My mom used to make Tollhouse cookies every year, some with nuts, some without, and even some without the chocolate chips for my brother-in-law, except they can't really be Tollhouse cookies without the chips, can they?  Now that she's in assisted living, she can't cook or bake anymore, although for the last couple of years, she didn't do much cooking anyway.  I'd love to have some of her scratch-made chicken and dumplings.  No biscuit dough for her!  Only the real thing!

Instead of edible goodies, I'm making some bath goodies using Himalayan sea salt and essential oils.  I think I will also make some body butter (fancy name for cream or lotion). And I need to finish the grandbaby's Christmas pajamas and get them in the mail.

Aside from all the Christmas activity, my husband cleaned out the attic, so I have boxes and boxes of things to go through.  I've already taken a dozen boxes of items to donate, but I think the rest is going to have to wait.

So without further ado...

Did you ever do a Christmas newsletter for your family?  I did when the kids were very little, but this basically summarizes most of them!

We have several nurses in the family, so I got a kick out of this!

This appeals to my love of true crime!

So flippin' true!

Last, I'll leave you in awwwwww
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Have a great week!


  1. Nice set of funnies. I have never written a Christmas newsletter. And I love oreo truffles.

  2. Heeheehee! Thanks, yes, i'm so busy i'm behind on blog reading.

    Oreo truffles sound like one of the best things you'll ever eat, i have to try them someday.


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