Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sunday Synopsis

The 17th Suspect (Women’s Murder Club #17)The 17th Suspect by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the story line and writing of this, the 17th book in the Women's Murder Club series. Usually, by the time an author gets to number 7, 8, 12 in a series, the writing becomes predictable and dull. In fact, the 16th wasn't that impressive, but I love James Patterson and the characters of this series, and I have to say this book was better than I expected.

There are two major plotlines in this novel as well as a few subplots. Sergeant Lindsey Boxer of SFPD, gets involved in a series of shootings of homeless people. She crosses some jurisdiction boundaries, encounters personal conflicts, and contends with health issues as she tries to solve the mysterious murders.

Assistant DA Yuki Castellano takes on a court battle unlike any other she has dealt with thus far: a woman accused of raping a man. Is it a battle worth fighting for, or is there something her client is hiding?

Cindy and Claire take a backseat to Lindsey and Yuki in this installment, but they are there to support their friends as they take on cases that have become personal to them. Credit goes to Maxine Paetro, who co-authors with Patterson, for staying true to the characters and keeping the reader guessing. This was a very fun read!

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Monday, May 14, 2018

It's Random Tuesday

Time to link up with Stacy for Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Happy Mother's Day (somewhat late) to all the moms out there!  I hope your day was special.  I had a great weekend.  We spent time at my sister's on Saturday, then on Sunday, I spent time with my twins, then my daughter took me shopping.  Now that she is working, she can do that.  Role reversal!
Here is a picture of my mom, sister, and me.
Seems we can't all look at the same camera at the same time!  And here is a picture of my twins with me.
Not a great one, but a picture of us nonetheless.  GREAT Mother's Day!  I hope yours was, too.

State testing is half over for my grade level.  Did you know that high-stakes tests such as the STAAR (given in Texas) cost upward of 93 million dollars a year?  Did you also know that schools have seen a decrease rather than an increase in actual achievement?  It also doesn't improve teacher performance.  Why the big push, then, for standardized tests?  My personal opinion is that the company who creates the tests is making a ton of money.  I'll get off my soapbox now!

What was your favorite book as a child?  I loved Dr. Seuss!  Go, Dog, Go, Are You My Mother, and of course, Green Eggs and Ham were some of my favorites. How about you?  Here's a crazy guy (via Flicker) reading Dr. Seuss to his dogs!
image credit & more info.

How fun is that?

That's all for this week!  I'm exhausted (from state testing, in case I forgot to mention it).
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday Synopsis

Good DogGood Dog by Dan Gemeinhart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Brodie is a good dog, and we know that all dogs go to Heaven, but Heaven is going to have to wait for Brodie. He just can't cross over to Forever. He still has a job to do, and he's the only dog who can do it. Brodie returns to Earth as a spirit determined to find his boy and save him from the monster. His new friend Tuck returns to Earth with him. These two spirit dogs have a lot to learn. Some of their education comes from Patsy, a sour kitty-cat spirit who may or may not be a true friend. They also encounter the hellhounds. Will Brodie complete his journey in time to save his boy, and will he be able to return to Heaven? Find out by reading Good Dog.

This young adult novel was slow to start. It did pick up, though, and it wasn't as predictable as one might think it would be. There are some surprises. Brodie and Tuck will learn some valuable life lessons along the way.

I do have to mention something that bothered me as I was reading. On every other page, sometimes every page, the author phrases his comments as questions. For example, on page 88, the author says, "Because that cat's words? They shook him up something awful." He could have easily said, "That cat's words shook him up something awful." On page 114, it says, "Because Brodie? That dog loved." Why didn't he just say, "That dog Brodie loved"? I think it would not have bothered me if he had used this technique sparingly, but he used it quite frequently, and the further I read, the more it was used.

This was a quick and easy read, and I think it would be a fun read for someone who enjoys dog stories.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Thirteen Wishes

Click to play along or visit Thursday Thirteen!

 Today I'm feeling random, so I'm going to finish this statement....

 I WISH... 

 1. that my dad was still alive.
My dad with his grandkids
 2. that I had a wildly popular blog.
 3. I could retire.
 4. we could have spring-time weather during summer. 
5. there was another hour in the day that I could use to get things done.
 6. I could function better on the six hours of sleep I usually get on weekdays.

 7. I was skinny.
 8. I had more time to read.
 9. I knew how to play the piano.
 10. there was a cure for cancer and other debilitating diseases.
 11. I had more time to scrapbook and craft.
 12. that every weekend was a 3-day weekend.
 13. that the Rockets would win the NBA Championship this year!
Have a great weekend!

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Monday, May 07, 2018

Wow! Busy! And Random!

I'm linking up with Stacy for RTT!
Yesterday I started my day off with an 8 AM meeting, taught all day, then drove to see my mom and daughter at the church where I grew up.  Their women's meetings are every first Monday, and this month they had a dinner in (early) celebration of Mother's Day.  While it was fun, it was a loooong day.  I got home at 9 PM and still had chores and school work to do.

Friday evening I went to see our middle school theater present The Little Mermaid, Jr.  They were so good.  I am always amazed at the talent of our young actors/actresses, and they can even sing and dance well, too.  Very pleasant evening.
Image Credit
Saturday, I went to lunch and a movie with a friend who I haven't spent a whole lot of time lately.  We went to see Blockers.  It was actually funnier than I thought it would be.  Mindless fun.
And... drumroll please... We have 17 school days (and one teacher day) until summer.  I may have to teach for one week this summer, but otherwise, I'll be FREE!  I love what I do, but the older I get, the more they require, and the busier I am.  I just think of all the scrapbook pages I could get done if work didn't get in the way.  And slideshows made.  And books read.  And closets organized.  And so on!

Imagine this headline:

NHL Player Brad Marchand Stops Licking Opponents, On League's Orders

Can you imagine having to be told to stop licking other players?  Crazy!  You can read the whole story here.

And now, some fluff!

Don't forget to treat Mom this coming Sunday!Teleflora

Have a good week!

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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Sunday Synopsis

Anne of Green Gables (Anne of Green Gables, #1)Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Anne Shirley is an 11 year old orphan. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert (aging brother and spinster sister) want to adopt a boy because Matthew is getting older, and they need help around the farm. They get Anne by mistake. They consider taking her back to the orphanage but decide, instead, to give her a try. Red-headed, freckle-faced, talkative Anne's pleasant nature grows on them. She tries to be good, but she is more inclined to misadventures. What she lacks in manners and social refinement, she makes up for in intelligence and likability. Set in the town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, Anne of Green Gables is the story of a beloved heroine who learns about love and family.

While this is a sweet story, it is not my cup of tea. I am glad I read it because it is a classic, but I wasn't particularly fond of it. I felt it was rather predictable and too syrupy for my tastes.

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