Monday, August 15, 2016

So Random

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EXHAUSTED! That is the only word for how I feel after my first day back to work after a fairly uneventful summer. What a super long day! They didn't let us have a nap. The nerve! I became so accustomed to napping this summer along with other guilty pleasures like watching The Bachelorette and catching up on all 5 seasons of Scandal ( And Shhh! Don't tell... Bachelor in Paradise. I'm a little ashamed of myself for that one).

 Today was a rude awakening! I sat in hours of boring meetings, but I did have about two hours to work in my classroom. Everything had been stacked and pushed into a corner, and one of my computer power cords is missing. How does that happen? And there were seven extra desks in my room. Space is already limited, so the extra desks had to go. Oh, well.

Extra long day tomorrow because I have to drive much further to get to another school, then back to my school afterwards for sixth grade orientation. The fun never ends!

Driving home, I was listening to the news. There was a story about how brain activity doesn't stop when the heart stops. Scientists used to believe that the brain stopped as soon as the heart did, but new studies show that the brain can continue processing thoughts for as long as three minutes after the hearts stops.  There is some consciousness.

This made me cry. Literally. Tears. Why? Because I held my dad's hand while the nurses unplugged the machine. I let out a little cry, and his heart monitor blipped in a different way before it stopped. The thought of him being aware of his surroundings at that time makes me so very sad.  But then, maybe he wasn't conscious.  The doctors said he had no brain waves.

On a better note, I got my ten year pin today. I'm starting year 28 in the state, 11 of those in this district. Go me! Hahahaha!

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