Monday, September 05, 2016


I'm linking up with Stacy.

Have you seen any of the notes the Target employee made during his first week of working as a cashier?  If not, here is the whole post.  It's worth the time! And here's my favorite note:

-A three year old came through, pushed by his personal chauffeur. He bought one small Spider-Man onesie. He carried out the entire transaction on his own. He was the most polite customer I have had so far.

And this:

-Met a woman referred to only as The Cat Lady. She asked if I wanted her to buy me a keychain from Ross. I told her I had no keys. She nodded solemnly and walked away, whispering their exact location inside Ross, just in case. 

I bet this guy would make a great friend!

So, Monday, Labor Day... Lots of stuff to do to get ready for the work week, new software programs we're using, new curriculum, really needed to devote some uninerupted time working.  So why is this the day that everyone decides to call me?  I rarely get actual phone calls.  Maybe once or twice a week.  So why did six different people think they needed to talk to me on this busy day?  Two of these people called multiple times for multiple reasons.  One of them called asking for help doing the work I was unable to do because too many people called me.  And five of these people called me within twenty minutes of each other.

I'm not a big phone talker.  I'd rather text.  This was just odd.

Have a great week!

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  1. YES! I saw that guy's post - it was hilarious! So much so, I followed him on Tumblr so I could see any future jewels. ;)

    Isn't that always the way? When you're the busiest, everyone needs to get hold of you. I'm so not a phone person, either - probably from having to be on the phone all the time when I was in the Corporate World. :) I prefer text or email so I don't forget the conversation! :)

    Thanks for being a loyal Randomizer! You ROCK!! :)


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