Monday, September 26, 2016

Oh, America, and Other Random Stuff

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Oh, Lawdy!  After watching (part of) the debate, I am convinced that America, we have a problem.  Listening to Hillary and Donald, I feel that we're doomed, regardless of who wins.  I really avoid political conversations on the blog, but really?  This is who we have to choose from?  I realize they both have their good sides and they both have things of which they should be ashamed, but I just can't believe we don't have a better choice.  And did anyone else think that they had earpieces in so they could get advice on what to say as they were saying, or perhaps, teleprompters?

Moving on...
The state of division in our country is unacceptable.  I believe there is a much greater divide between the races than there has been since the 1960's and there's so much spite and disdain for police, educators, and community leaders.  What can we do to repair these relationships?  I don't have the answers!  But here I go getting "political" again.  I'll stop.  Promise.

My daughter finally convinced me to download Snap-chat.  Big mistake!  What a time-waster!  But what fun!  We have laughed and laughed at ourselves looking like aliens, bees, and frowny faces. I've got only 3 "friends" or whatever they're called on Snap-chat.

I had a scare with my son.  He's been sick since last week.  First it was pink eye.  The "Doctor" at the Quack Shack on campus failed to give him antiobiotic drops for his eye.  (How does THAT happen?)  He developed other symptoms.  He went to a different doctor off campus.  They ran strep and flu tests, which were negative, gave him a shot, some antiobiotics, and some antiobiotic drops for his eye. He continued to get worse.  His fever spiked, and he had a stiff neck.  Now THAT's scary!  I made him go back to the Quack Shack, but all they did was run the flu test again and give him Sudafed and Ibuprofin.  He had the meningitis vaccine three years ago; it's the law, but now they say there is another strain that can be just as deadly, and I know he only got one type.  The fever and stiff neck just scare me!

So, what do you think of the fall shows that have started?  I'm continuing to watch the Big Bang Theory, even though it's becoming unfunny.  And I'm still enjoying Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and Once Upon a Time.  I watched the pilot of Designated Survivor, but I'm not sure about it yet.  Any recommendations?

Have a great week!

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