Wednesday, October 13, 2021

My Grief (A Thursday Thirteen)

This time of year is hard for me.  My father passed away suddenly, no warning, on October 10, 17 years ago. In some ways, maybe it gets easier, but in some ways, the grief remains.  Maybe I never completely processed my grief.  Whatever the case, it's a difficult time of year.  I've collected 13 images that I identify with in relation to my loss.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand. I lost my Dad ... will be 3 years ago March 2. I was blessed to be at his side at the end, with my family, but a little color faded from the world when he passed. He was bigger than life, and I miss him. My thoughts are with you today.

  2. It's hard to lose a parent, especially hard to have it sudden. I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know how old you were, but too young to expect to lose a parent. I especially like the image about crying even when the person your crying for has been gone along time. Sometimes people think I'm "over" my husband's sudden death when he was 47 since it's been 16 years. I'm sure it doesn't feel like 17 years to you since your father died.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. I still have my father, but lost my mother when I was in my 30s. It is difficult. Time changes the feelings some, but things always linger.


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