Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Thursday 13 Red Ribbon Week


Back in 1985, DEA Agent Kiki Camarena was murdered by drug traffickers in Mexico.
Enrique (KiKi) Camarena Salazar

Red Ribbon Week, which is coming up later this month, was started to honor his sacrifice.  In 1988, RRW was first celebrated on a national level. I've seen many RRWs over my 30+ years of teaching, and while I don't think the themes and activities are what prevents students from taking drugs, it does raise awareness, and the students think it's fun.

  1. Sock it to Drugs-wear crazy socks
  2. Team up against Drugs- wear your favorite team's jersey, tee, or colors
  3. I Mustache you not to do Drugs-wear mustaches
  4. Put a Cap on Drugs - wear a hat

  5. Don't get Mixed up in Drugs - wear mis-matched clothes
  6. I'm too Bright for Drugs - wear sunglasses
  7. Lei off Drugs - wear Hawaiian shirts and leis
  8. Drugs can't Find Me - wear camo

  9. Your Future is Bright without Drugs - wear college shirts or jerseys
  10. Drugs will Make you Crazy - crazy hair day.
  11. Friends don't let Friends do drugs - Twin day (dress alike)
  12. Have the Power to Say No to drugs - dress like a super-hero
  13. Be "RED"y to Make a Difference - wear red
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