Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

13 Random True Things About Me…

1. IMHO, it is too hot to be November! We’ll have a high in the 80’s today, but we were down in the 40’s two days ago. This back-and-forth Texas weather drives me crazy!

2. I love Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream! Creamy peanut butter flavored ice cream with Reese’s minis in it. Yum!

3. I’m so excited that I am taking my son on his first college visit to the University of Texas at San Antonio next week.

4. I’m also super-excited that I will get to see my daughter’s color guard team (and the band, of course) perform at state finals.

5. I’m not excited about having to go to court today.

6. I have started my Christmas shopping already.

7. My students just finished reading nonfiction about the Titanic. They loved it. Did you know that last April was the 100th anniversary of its sinking?

8. I’m looking forward to watching Madagascar 3 on DVD this weekend.

9. I voted two days ago. It’s the first time I have ever voted early.

10. I’m enjoying helping my son raise his FFA goat. And I’m so proud of the way he gets up early every morning to go to the barn to take care of it.

11. I like to buy my chicken breasts from Schwan’s. Theirs are so juicy and tender and have almost no fat unlike the ones at the grocery store.

12. I did a computer lesson with my students last week called “Survivor-Titanic Style.” It was fun!

13. Speaking of Survivor, I don’t watch that show, The Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice, American Idol, or really any of that type reality show. I just can’t get interested in it. I’m probably the only female on the planet that doesn’t watch at least one of those shows!

Happy November!
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  1. We haven't seen 80s here since...August? The past week has been COLD up here, with daytime temps between 40 and 50F, and lows down to 28F at night.

    Btw, I don't care for the so-called reality shows either. I watched "Dancing With the Stars" last season, only because Donald Driver was on it (and won!).

  2. I watch Survivor but that is the only reality show I watch.

    It is cold in VA, where we're still feeling the backside of the winds from SuperStorm Sandy.

  3. Come on up to Montana and I'll show you some capricious weather.

  4. I've knocked out a ton of holiday shopping thanks to Groupon.


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