Thursday, July 03, 2008

You Make My Day!

Just when I'm feeling pretty crummy, I go to my buddy's blog, Jen's Humble Opinion 2, and I find this!

Isn't it great? No wonder I'm happiest when I'm blogging (see my Thursday Thirteen). She bestowed this great award on five (okay, six, cuz she's a rule-breaker-tee hee!) blogs who make her day and speak their minds. She says, "Thanks for your honesty, your candid posts, your joys and your tears. I've enjoyed reading each of you!"

I soooo want to give this to her because she makes my day.
And I want to give it to another blog she chose, Lulu's Petals, who also makes my day!
And since Jen, didn't limit herself to five, I'll follow her lead.

In addition to Jen and Lucy, other blogs that really make my day are

Dandelion, and

Here's to all of you! You are each unique and honest and you make my day with a peek into your lives each time I visit your blogs. Hugs!


  1. yes, it IS great! congratulations Diane!
    Jen is a sweetie pie ( I've nicknamed her Genuine jen).
    I will try to check out all the blogs you've awarded.

  2. Congratulations to you!! I'm glad it made your day better and THANKS so much for the kind words and thoughts! Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

  3. Thank you! You're so sweet!

  4. thanks diane. you just made my day ;)

  5. How did I not see this award from YOU too!!???
    Thanks so much Sweetheart! xoxo you know you make my day too! :))


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