Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Works for Me!

(My 2nd entry in WFMW ever!)

Do you have any decorative or crystal bowls that are sitting on a shelf somewhere, and no one can see them? I have two bowls that I love, and I feel it would be a waste if no one could look at them.

So... a tip I learned when I worked in the Fine China department of a store was to prop the bowl on its side so that you're looking at the inside of the bowl. You can use a plastic plate stand that has a groove in it to keep the bowl from falling over. (These are probably available at a discount store, or, you might visit the China department of a store and ask if they have any extras.) Show the bowl off! Now it's not just sitting on a shelf... it's art! I also like to take plastic stands and use them to lift a piece off a shelf making it stand out more. It will create interest to your display or china cabinet. Here's one shelf of my cabinet that shows both ideas, although the mirrored background and glare on the glass make it difficult to see.

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  1. What a great idea!

    btw....I had to make my blog private. If you email me I'll send you an invite.


  2. I have several bowls that I'd love to display, but they are large. Where can I find display stands deep enough for serving-sized bowls?

  3. My kids wuld love that it would be like a giant bullseye for them to distroy

  4. Thanks for the display stand tips!
    And for stopping by, you are welcome anytime ;)

  5. hey thanks for stopping by and commenting
    always love that!
    I think the bowl idea is excellent! Works well for snazzy serving trays too.
    and I like all your pictures
    and your book selections...
    and... ;-)


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