Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #33

I had a hard time narrowing this down, but my 33rd Thursday Thirteen is...

13 of the MANY Things I Love about Blogging:

1. You can host as many blogs as you have time to create. You can have a blog devoted to each of your interests, if you so choose.

2. I love being in touch with the world at the click of my mouse – and not just by visiting a web site, but by reading the personal blogs of people from around the world whose daily lives are different than mine.

3. Memes! I love memes like this one –
Thursday Thirteen – and Wordless Wednesday, and Sunday Scrappin’.

4. Whatever your interest, there is a community of people out there with the same interest willing to share ideas expertise, and experiences. (recipes, organizing, hobbies, writing, reading etc.) You can actually LEARN by reading blogs. Who'da thought?

5. It’s so easy to make friends in the blogging world. Some of my “dailies” are
Enjoying the Ride, Jen’s Humble Opinion 2, Lulu’s Petals, The Café at the End of the Universe, 3 Sides of Crazy. Actually, there are quite a few blogs I wish I had time to visit every day.

6. Blogs offer some anonymity. I can tell things to my blogging buddies that I wouldn’t share with some of my “live” friends. (Is that what we’re supposed to call them?)

7. My blog is a way to hone my skills/talents/hobbies – writing, photography, whatever the case may be, and to get honest, helpful feedback. It's also a place to vent...

8. I can complain to my blog, and it won’t complain back!

9. Blogs are customizable to your personality. It’s a lot easier to change your blog depending on your mood, the weather, the holidays, than it is to change, oh, say, the décor in your living room!

10. Statistic trackers! I like statistics.

Statcounter, Bloglines, and Feedburner are great! And apparently, Blogger now has a sitemeter counter. I gotta check that out, now that I think about it.

11. Linky love, awards - validation! I don't always get this at home.

12. It’s great for a laugh! If you’re feeling down, you can find a blog with some humor to lift your spirits. There are two I can usually count on – not just humor as in hahahaha! comedy-movie-funny, but daily life sort of humor – Queen Size Funny Bone and Skittle’s Place.

13. Contests! I have won scrapbooking supplies, movies, and books simply by leaving comments on blogs. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Only 13? There are so many more reasons I love blogging!


  1. Great TT!
    I have a deep love of the blog too. It is theraputic yet fun.

    I just posted my 2nd TT. I went with a Patriotic theme this week.
    Stop by if you get a chance.


  2. Congratulations on all the things you've won. I like meeting people with similar interests,too, and sharing ideas.

  3. Just when I started wondering WHY ON EARTH I blog....

    Thanks for the fun 13!

  4. I know what you mean about being able to share more personal things with your "blog" friends than with your regular friends. That is the main reason I love to blog.

    And a few of my online friends have become "real" friends, and that is so great, too!

  5. Fun list and great reminders! Happy T13 and Happy 4th.

  6. Great TT! I just started blogging in January, but I love it. I love writing, and I finally have someplace else to write (other than my many spiral notebooks :)
    And I love *meeting* people all over the world!

  7. Great list.
    I started blogging about 15 months ago and now I do it for all of the reasons you have listed.
    Have a great T13.

    I noticed a couple of Disney pics in your side bar. We just got back form WDW last week.

  8. Love your list! I had never won anything until I started blogging. LOL - Oh the things that you can learn from fellow bloggers. There just isn't enough hours in the day to visit them all. I wish! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

  9. PERFECT...yep - those are my 13 too!

    Will email soon...hope you are hanging in there...

  10. I'm so sorry to hear you've been going through a funk. Hope your blog buddies can bring you a laugh or two to brighten your days.

    I love your list. I love my blog and all my blogging buddies. It's wonderful for me to get out around the world of blog because my health issues so often keep me at home. I love my ClusterMap because it shows me all the places around the world where I have been visited in the blog world. I'll never go to Australia or Indonesia or Belgium, but my blog gets there every day.

  11. I agree wholeheartedly. Very few of my real world friends and real-life experiences give me the joy I get from blogging. It is euphoric at times.

    If you want to, come by and see my hormonally enhanced "PMS = Promoting More Smiles" edition.

    Happy TT!

  12. I really love blogging. I get a chance to visit people's lives and enjoy their world. It's very fun!

    Happy TT!

  13. I shouldn't post a comment on this - you just had 13 of them :D

    Yepp, having more than one blog is awesome. Having them all available on the same site...even better :D

    Yes - personal daily blogs are awesome as well.....I sort of drifted with mine, but still, it is often got me thinking....

    I love WW - that's how I got here :)

    Yepp,posting about hobbies (killing people with my pictures? :P )

    Place to vent - signed...!

    My blog is more my living room than our real one is (maybe we change places so often, but usually not my blog?)

    I love free stuff - but I'm usually too far to put the shipping costs in the poor people's hands that offer the free stuff :)

    Love your T13 :)

  14. Excellent reasons for blogging. I do it also as a record of our family events, and a way to keep up with my friends and family. If mom isn't blogging then something's wrong. Hope you have a wonderful 4th.

  15. fun! i love my blog too!


  16. I like blogging sometimes, but most of the time I don't know what to say. I love visiting other's blogs, though, because I do learn stuff from them occasionally.

    Happy TT!

  17. What a wonderful topic for your T-13. I should blog about this one of these days too. I share many of the same feelings as you about blogging and am glad I let friends talk me in to beginning last October.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. DiAnE!! This was great! There ARE more reasons, you're so right! I Love visiting you too and it lifted my spirits so much to see you love visiting me too! xoxo
    ( boy, I have to find more of these giveaway blogs!!)

  19. The blog listens, and never judges the blogger. You're right, there are so many more reasons!

    Love this list!

  20. Great list. I concur. Speaking of winning contests, I hope you signed up for mine.

    Happy TT and Happy 4th!


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