Monday, July 07, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

I tackled the closet in my breakfast room this week! It was total chaos in there. Now, it's organized chaos. LOL! This is a closet we use for board and card games, crafts (ice cream maker, soap-making kit, easy bake oven, painting, coloring, beading, etc.), school supplies (binders, paper, folders, spirals, pens, pencils, etc.), recipe books, and a couple of serving pieces that won't fit anywhere else, so it's a hodgepodge of items. The before and after pictures don't look that different, really, but it took hours. It's fairly deep, and stuff was piled front to back, top to bottom. I took everything out and weeded through it separating it into keep, give away, and trash. Now if I can just keep my family to put things back where they should go when they're finished with them!


  1. The closet looks great! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you open it up and see everything so organized! Great job!

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

    Aloha ~ Kailani
    An Island Life

  2. My big coat closet needs tackled - you interested?

  3. love the soft new look~

    i am also totally impressed with how you organized that closet! wow!!!

  4. Oh yes .. I need to do this too :)

    Good job mamama!

  5. this is wonderful! I loved watching your before and after pic! great job!

  6. Yay for you!! :)

    Doesn't it feel nice to accomplish a task like this? Not so nice when you're right in the middle of it, but when you're all finished, you can heave a big sigh of relief!

  7. It's a total makeover - way to go! I love your fun blog.

  8. it looks great i love organizing but after a while lol it goes back to the same thing a mess


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