Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday's Feast

I couldn't pass up the chance to do this Texas-themed Friday's Feast brought to us by Texas Tanya.

Appetizer: When was the last time you had some bar-b-que?
We had barbecue burgers a week or so ago. I haven't been out to eat barbecue in a few weeks, though. Now I'm getting hungry!

Soup: How many pairs of cowboy boots do you own?
Just one that are actual "cowboy" boots, but I have a couple of pairs of ankle boots.

Salad: Finish this sentence: Mommas, don't let your babies
grow up to be cowboys! Willie finished that sentence for us a long time ago. Is there any other way to finish that sentence?

Main Course: Name a song that makes you think of Texas.
God blessed Texas. I love this song! My daughter marched in a parade as part of a dance team when she was five. And we used this for our finale performance when she was a cheerleader for her brother's football team two years ago. (They were the Texans.) Enjoy it! [side note - I forgive Little Texas for shooting most of this video in Dallas. And to all you non-Texans - most of us don't dress like cowboys or dance like this. But it's a cool song!]

Dessert: Cowboy hats - Black or White?
Ummmm.... brown! But no one I know wears one anymore.

Happy Friday, Y'all!


  1. I admit, your answer to your salad is the 1st thing I thought of as well.

    I didn't participate this week but TGIF anyway! ;)

  2. We used to eat BBQ at a place called Sally Jo's there in Houston, I think it was near either Sugarland or Tanglewood. I often wonder if it's still there and any good or not. And of course the yellow rose of Texas!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by! I remember how much I loved "God Blessed Texas" when it was released during my college days. And I still believe that He did. ;)

    BTW, I was raised in Sugar Land there's no Sally Jo's there... :)

    Thanks again for visiting!

  4. I didn't know how else to finish the Salad, either. ;)


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