Saturday, July 12, 2008

How to Start the Morning off Wrong

Ten Easy Steps to Getting off on the Wrong Foot.

1. Press your snooze button four or five times so that you will wake up late and have to rush to get ready and out the door on time.

2. Roll out of the bed on the wrong side.

3. Forget to start the coffee maker.

4. In your rush, grab the hairspray instead of the deodorant assuring not only smelly armpits, but sticky ones, too, for the rest of the day.

5. Decide to make a new fashion statement by pairing a turquoise polka-dot shirt with army green striped pants because they're the only clean clothes you have.

6. In your haste select mismatched shoes (they looked the same in the dark)!

7. Skip breakfast because you're in a hurry.

8. Run an "orange" light, even though you know there is a red-light camera at that intersection.

9. Say, "Is it?" in response to your boss's "Good morning" as you walk in five minutes late.

10. Realize you left your briefcase at home.

And there you have it! Ten really simple steps to get your morning off to a bad start.

Kailani at An Island Life is having a group writing project with the theme "How To." To participate or read other "how to" blog posts, click this link. Thanks, Kailani!


  1. oh boy, this makes me laugh. i'm so often being in this conditions. press the snooze again and again, skip the breakfast, run an orange light, forgot to make tea (not coffe)for my husband.
    and when I got to my office late, instead of reply my boss's greeting I'd say it first: good afternoon, sir

  2. Um, what I want to know is how did you get in my house to get those pictures? ha ha

    Seriously, I can relate to so many of these things, especially the getting up late one. I had to really laugh at the spraying hairspray instead of deoderant one. I sort of did the same thing one day in that the chapstick and glue stick were in the same drawer and guess which oen I put on my lips? Lets just say my lips are sealed!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you'll come back.


  3. Were you at my house this morning?!?!? LOL
    Here's my story:

  4. Just one more testimony that your steps work!!


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