Thursday, July 17, 2008

Organizing Fever with the Junkie and a Company Girl

I try to participate in the monthly organizing roundups sponsored by Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie. This month, we're re-organizing our bathrooms including under the sinks. I bought these great shoe boxes at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that are going to double as both shoe boxes and under-the-sink containers. There were 10 boxes and lids included for $19.99 less 20%. A bargain, to me! Take a look at my great buy!

I also try to do Rachel Anne's "small thing" suggestion on a daily basis at her Home Sanctuary site. Today the suggestion was to clean out our kitchen cabinet that holds our Tupperware and plastic containers. I recently did this for OrgJunkie's kitchen challenge, but since it's been a few months, there were still a few things to do.

Here's before:

Here's in the middle of organizing:

Here's the end result.
It feels good to have this done! I wonder how long it will stay neat?


  1. It doesn't matter how often I organize my a wekk it's a mess again! lol!

  2. They have GREAT mesh organizers now for plastic ware which really does make a difference it keeping it "contained" in the cupboard. I spotted them at HomeGoods the other day for 3.99 which is remarkable price but they carry them at the Container store and other organizing stores all the time. Basically it's just a box that sits on your shelf but has dividers for each size container and then a narrower slot for storing lids. The nice thing too is that you can pull the whole box out to load it up from the dishwasher or to draw from it for making up lunches, packing away leftovers etc. Very handy

  3. Woo Hoo! That looks awesome. I wish I had taken before and after shots of mine because the result was remarkable. I had let it get verrrry bad.....

    Now I'm motivated to buy some NICE containers for my clean shelf!!

  4. LOL - every month I get down on the foor and sit and straighten the tupperware cabinet, but when no one else does, it looks like my before picture in just a few short days.

    I love those see through containers - so much easier to keep it straightened if you can see everything.

  5. Id give it at least a day before its a mess again.

  6. Oh I love the clear shoe boxes. I use them everywhere in my house, they are so versatile!! Have fun with them :)

  7. shoe boxes? I put our shoes in a rack.
    ok, post a picture of the cabinet right next friday, just to know how long it stays neat :)


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