Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

My plans to go to the Y for a mild workout today were foiled! Why? Because in addition to being somewhat forgetful, I have weak ankles that roll too easily and a high arch. Perhaps I’m a bit of a klutz.

As I was coming down the stairs today at my sister’s house, fully loaded with my laptop bag and overnight bag, I hit the tile floor wrong and sprained my ankle. It’s a pretty shade of blue-green tinted with dark purple edges right now, and it’s almost the size of a tennis ball.

This weekend was so awesome up until this happened, just like I had planned in my Friday Fillins. Friday, my husband, sister, and I drove to Louisiana, about 2 ½ hours from our home in Texas, to go to a casino for a little fun. We can drive across the state border to go to a casino, but we don’t have them in Texas. It makes no sense!

We didn’t win, but we didn’t lose very much, either. All in all, it was great fun! I played a little live black jack, video poker, and of course, slot machines. Hubby also did live poker, roulette, and craps. My sister did everything I did plus live poker. Poker intimidates me. As long as you know you’re just going to have fun, it can be a great trip. And it was. We stopped for a fabulous (but late) meal on the way home.

Saturday I got to sleep late, then I drove to my sister’s (she’s about an hour away). We went to Scrap Mania at Archiver’s from 4-11 PM. We had so much fun and got some projects done. This was my favorite part of the weekend.

Sunday morning after breakfast, I was all set to come home, spend some time with my hubby, give him some attention since I was gone all day Saturday and Sat. night, go to the Y to walk and use a few machines, do some laundry, and go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to shop, but the stupid ankle sprain got in the way!

I thought I was going to die, and if my sister and b-i-l hadn’t sat me down right away amidst my screaming, I feel sure I would have been flat on the floor. You know that feeling when your vision goes black and your skin feels cold and clammy?

But my sister took good care of me for a few hours until I felt stable enough to drive home. Hubby offered to come get me, but my vehicle was over there, and with the price of gas, well, it seemed stupid.

Sis gave me the R.I.C.E. treatment (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). I’ve taken some ibuprofen, but I think I’m due for some now. It doesn’t make the pain go away completely. It does help, though. I could go get an x-ray and some pain medication, but pain meds make me physically ill themselves, so that’s no help, and I feel sure it’s not broken, just a grade 2 sprain. I’ll be better in a couple of days.
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  1. that sucks! My ankle does the same thing, and the doctors always tell me sprains hurt more than breaks and take longer to heal. I hope yours is feeling better!

  2. I am SO sorry about your ankle! My husband did this about 2 months ago and he's still dealing with a little pain in that foot. Not Fun!

    I love Archiver's. We don't have them here yet, I have to go to the one near my parent's house in Austin.

    Take care of that foot and I hope it heals quickly,

  3. ooh poor Diane! How terrible! I'm so sorry to hear about the sprain. Are you sure you shouldn't get an xray just to be on the safe side? I am such a NUt with things, I would go for peace of mind.
    there is NOTHING like a wonderful sister, to make everything okay. YOu are very lucky to have each others love. My sister and I are still not 100% since our fall out two years ago... but we are getting there.
    Hang in there Di, and keep resting. At least it wasn't your typing fingers!!! Keep on blogging while you keep on healing! Much love and hugs

  4. I hope you heal fast! Glad you had a fun weekend.

  5. Crazy, I just sprained my ankle today too. Yours seems a lot worse though, so sorry! Hope you're feeling better soon - thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. sounds bad, I hope you are feeling better now.
    and I hope it really just a sprain


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