Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July Organizing Round-Up

What's under your bathroom sink? The challenge this month at I'm an Organizing Junkie was to organize under our bathroom sinks. I took this challenge and ran with it, so to speak! I did the cabinets under all of the sinks, the cabinets above the sinks, and my pitiful makeup drawer. I stopped just short of painting the bathroom cabinets. Oh, why did I stop?

OrgJunkie (yes, we're on a nickname basis because we are kindred spirits-she just does it better!) suggests we remove, sort, purge, organize (like items with like items), and containerize. Since I'm on a budget, all of my containers don't match, but it still works for me!

Digression: It took me longer to post this than it did to do all the organizing! Okay, not really, but uploading and formatting photos in a blogger post is no easy task, especially when you delete an entire post when you're actually only trying to delete one photo from the post.

Without further ado, before photos on the left, after on the right (if I did this correctly).

This is my side under the sink:

This is my husband's side under the sink:

This is my husband's side above the sink:

This is my side above the sink:

This is my embarrassing makeup drawer. I love the new drawer soooo much! I got a great compartmetalized, acrylic organizer at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, one of my favorite stores. I vow never to let it get in such a disorganized array again. With my new container, it will be a breeze!

This is the kids' bathroom under the sink. They better keep it this way! (Well, I know it won't, but a girl can dream!)

This is my half bath.

This is the one that I can't find the before photo. I know I took one, but maybe I forgot, or maybe I deleted it before I actually uploaded it. I'm happy to say that this cabinet has been organized for a couple of weeks, and it still looks like this! Goodness knows no one besides me would every get a new roll of toilet paper out or (goodness!) the cleaning supplies.

I think the way that I have things now is not only neater, but makes more sense. All of my first aid is together, all the cleaning supplies, all the fingernail/manicure stuff, and so on. I'm glad this was a summer task so I could really dig in and get it done. Thanks, OrgJunkie for this terrific challenge!


  1. Thank you for all the pictures you took. It was so nice to see the before and after. You did a great job, especially considering you had so many bathrooms to do.

  2. you frigging ROCK! Please come to my house and help me get organized...I need tons of help!

  3. Ive given up organizing by the time it clean someone has messsed u something else. I would love to be organized again one day..... my dreams are much much smaller than they used to be

  4. OH Just stop it....you make me feel bad that I haven't got much organized yet...but I do need more storage and shelving to fit everything in, and we still have to finish emptying our storage locker.

  5. You really tackled that make-up drawer. Good job.

  6. Your cabinets look so good. Would you like to come and do mine now?


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