Sunday, July 13, 2008

Menu Plan Monday & the Absolute Worst Food

Menu Plan Monday and the Absolute Worst Food

Monday - Chicken Spaghetti (Tetrazini), salad, and garlic bread

Tuesday - Toothpick and Finger foods for PartyLite Candle Show (barbecue trail mix, veggies and dip, meatballs, brownies)

Wednesday - Barbecue cheeseburgers, Ore Ida Crispy Fries, Baked Beans

Thursday - Guys Night Out - I'm on my own! Probably Lean Cuisine

Friday - 5 Bean Soup and Rice.

Have you ever had Outback Steakhouse's awesome Aussie cheese fries with ranch dressing? This picture doesn't do them justice!

My mouth waters at the thought of those crispy fries smothered with cheese and bacon sprinkles! It's a hormonal woman's dream come true! Good thing I rarely eat them, though. According to Men's Health, these delicious cheese fries are the "Worst Food in America." 2900 calories, 182 grams of fat, and 240 grams of carbohydrates. Consider this, if you eat only one fourth of this appetizer, you've consumed as many calories as recommended for an entire meal.

They're downright sinful! Isn't that why they're so good?
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  1. HOLY COW..... 2900 calories!?????!
    The Rachael Ray fries are probably not quite as bad as those, and you could substitute bacon for the chili. ;)

    I love it when the guys are out and I get to choose something *I* like. Enjoy the week, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. I haven't had Chicken Tetrazini in eons ~ sounds delish.

  3. everything good is always bad for you.

  4. I love partylite and finger foods are perfect for it! Have fun.

  5. I love Outback's Aussie chips! Ohmigosh, they're awesome. I didn't know they were worth so many calories... I should eat them more often! I bet I could make my own for a lot less, though. Must get ingredients...


  6. i'm always tempted to get the cheese fries as a meal. they are soooooooooo good. but i'm sure that's exactly why they are so bad!

  7. I saw the picture and text and though YUMMY! And so did my husband. Then we read the next paragraph and thought -- no not for us.
    However, I would like to try it.
    Unfortunately, there are no Outback Steak Houses in our area.
    Maybe that is a good thing.


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