Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 34

Here are 13 (of many) activities, projects, and goals I have for the summer months- not necessarily in order of importance. Some of them are completed, some are partially completed or ongoing, and some haven't even been started yet, but I will get there!

Completed: These are the easiest ones to start with.

1. Attend classes in Adobe Photoshop and have it installed on my laptop.

2. Have birthday parties for my twins. Hers was a sleepover, and his was a baseball game.

3. Take a relaxing vacation to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon as well as The Navajo Tribes National Monument, and finish off with shopping in Sedona and a 2 day stay at a Hilston Resort outside of Phoenix.

Partially Completed

4. Scrapbooking with my sister. We did this last weekend in case you missed my Sunday Scrappin' post. We have another weekend scheduled and a crop at Archiver's on July 19.

5. Read at least six books this summer. I'm on my 5th one. So far, I've read The Kite Runner, The Penny, Sundays at Tiffany's, Life's a Beach, and I'm currently reading The History of Love. I also joined an online book club in April, Readers Anyonymous, and a "live" blook club sponsored by some ladies at my church. I'm not going to stop at six!

6. Paint the living room. I started the prep work yesterday, finished the prep work today, and got over half the painting done today. I'll finish everything tomorrow.

7. Sleep. I am always so exhausted during the school year, so I take advantage of some down time in the summer to sleep late or take naps when I am able.
8. Spend time with my kids. This is difficult since they spend so much time with their dad in the summer as well as two sets of grandparents. But we've gone shopping, had an ice cream trip, gone swimming, played video games, gone to a movie, gone to instrument lessons, cooked meals, and I've been loving every minute of it. I still need to take my girl for a pedicure and let my son teach me a little more about Halo 3.

The following items are not completed.

9. Take my husband and sister to Louisiana to do a little gambling just for fun.

10. Find a reputable company that can take my analog videos of the kids when they were younger and make them digital so I will be able to use them with Adobe Premier and Pinnacle Studio.

11. Pick out new Living Room curtains and artwork.

12. Get a massage. This one is scheduled for next Tuesday at Beyond Beaute' Day Spa.

13. Get over my CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) enough to host a PartyLite Candle Show. This is also scheduled for next Tuesday. If you can't get PartyLite in your area, and you know something you want, email me. I'm sure you could purchase it from my party, and I can send it to you.


  1. That should keep you plenty busy this summer!

    Good 13!

  2. What color are you painting? and don't forget to peick me up for the massage?

  3. Boy I'd love the message I really need that

  4. You've got a very busy and very FUN summer going! Your list was also motivating... I've got a painting project planned for this weekend and suddenly feel an urge to get started on the prep work a day early. So... THANK YOU! :)

  5. Ambitious list - I hope you accomplish it all.

  6. Great list! Congrats on what you've already done :)

  7. it's always a good idea to have a list of things to do so you could always check back all the things you've already done! ;-)

    i wish that you'd accomplish these 13 things in your list.


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