Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin' is the place to be if you enjoy traditional scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, card-making, or any other type of paper crafting. I love sharing with everyone, and I enjoy getting ideas. Mostly, it keeps me motivated.

I made four cards and three gift tags this week, and finished my Christmas Planner. It doesn't look as professional as most of the ones I've seen, but it's functional, and I used supplies that I already had, so it didn't cost me a thing! The ribbons at the top are my tabs for each section. Two of my cards were Christmas cards, one was a sympathy card, and one was a get-well card. Two of my little gift tags are very plain because I was basically just practicing with my new heat embosser. (Thanks for the quick tutorial, Chrissy!)

I also did some digital scrapbooking - trying to get gifts ready!


Scrapbook, scrapbook, scrapbook! I'm going to sort photos and plan layouts now. I also have three more Christmas cards planned. Last, I need to get some digital layouts done so I can print them and send them to the grandparents for Christmas.


Last week's challenge was to use a new template, which, sadly, I didn't do. This week's challenge is a bit different, and I love it! Since Amy was having trouble coming up with a challenge (How DOES she do it week after week, anyway?)... YOU will make the challenge for the person who follows you. Like this: the first commenter leaves an item in their comments that the person after them is challenged to use in this week's craft projects. So, if I leave a comment after Amy, she has challenged me to use the color brown in my projects this week. What a creative way to come up with lots of clever ideas for future use!

My challenge, for the person who comments after me, is to HAND WRITE a journaling box for scrapbooking or a sentiment for a card. Easy!

My challenge for all of us is to make and send a Christmas card for Holiday Mail for Heroes.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I'll be back next week because I plan to do lots of scrapping this week!

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  1. Great work! I love your tags, cards & planner - though I wish you had shared more of your pages. =] Have a great week & Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I also try to scrapbook on Sundays. Hubby and the kids are occupied with a race or football game, so I head downstairs for some me time. Today, I took a nap, I have a cold and not feeling up to par.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. All you stuff is great but I really like your planner.

  4. WOW - you have been busy - and they are all so great - way to go!!!

  5. You've been busy little crafter. Love your pages they are fantastic. That planner is terrific!! You got a lot of great things

  6. Girl, I've been so bad...I haven't done SS for two weeks, not because I haven't scrapped, but because my of my computer-avoidance issues and the fact that my computer is pouting and lost all my bloggy links so I have to WORK to visit people that I used to just have to click on! How's that for a run-on sentence? LOVE your holiday planner. When I see things like that I always want to make one, but the truth is that I really don't have a need since my hubby's family doesn't do anything for Christmas, and we only buy for my parents and draw for nieces and nephews on my side. Anyway, thanks for visiting me and ttys!!!


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