Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I turned off word verification. Did ya notice? Did ya? Huh?

I read a post a couple of weeks ago on Rooted called Kill Word Verification--Rid the World of Useless Typing. I don't have a problem with word verification, except when I type a long comment and get the letters wrong and my comment gets wiped out. And I don't have a problem with bloggers who use comment moderation.

But, the post made me start paying attention to the letters I'm typing in for word verification. For the last couple of weeks, I've been collecting a list of some word verification strings that I've had because sometimes they are really strange or funny, and I thought it would be a good Thursday Thirteen post. Here are 13 of them and what they made me think when I saw them.

1. Taxific – Taxes are NOT terrific!
2. Bragin – I don’t have braggin’ rights to anything, really.
3. Acess – This word verification gives me access to leave a comment.
4. Pochrap – Piece of crap!
5. Worie – Who, me, worry?
6. Waffeat – Waffles are what you eat..
7. salinada - Salad? Nada! I actually like salad.
8. askeskul – Ask a skull, but why would you want to?
9. chinge – Cha-ching! Money!
10. liessess – Liesesssssssss, the way Gollum would say lies.
11. cowsseem – Cows seem bored.
12. exoties – Exotic ties.
13. abili – Alibi – I was leaving a comment. That’s my alibi.

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  1. Interesting TT and great list. Have a happy TT!

    My TT is up 13 Things to Consider before Hiring

  2. Pochrap is a good one!

  3. Loved this. I've noticed some pretty strange words myself.
    Perhaps its a new language being created by stealth? :-)

  4. I don't have word verification either...I think it's for the 'robot' thing to make sure you're really human...but honestly, you're more than likely logged into your blog anyway, so it's easy to delete one or two comments that may be considered spamming, keeping the word verification shut off gets more commentors.

    And yes, the words are horrendous. I got one once on someones blog that was dmpit...I figured it meant DUMP it.

    My thirteen is shared, but you'll need to scroll down below my choir entry to find it...look for the T-13 button.

    Happy day wishes to you.

  5. Thank you for turning it off! ;)

    #s 4,5, & 8 are my favorites.

    Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday!

  6. What a catch. I've noticd some of the interesting linking of words. I loved this.

  7. I hate word verification...but this list was funny! lol

    Great TT :)

  8. HA! What a trip!!! I can't stand using the word verification!!!

  9. Funny list and I'm so glad you turned it off. I really HATE it and sometimes won't bother to leave a comment if a blog has it on - even if I read said blog. If I'm in a grumpy mood, it's just not worth my time. Some days I make a list of blogs NOT to go back to based on that.

    Happy TT!

  10. I hate comment moderation too!

  11. And here I thought I was the only one it annoyed! Great list!

  12. Yes thanks for turning it off, I hate comment moderation too!!

    Great list!!!

  13. Funny list today … and good for you deciding to turn off word verification! I’ve had it off for about a year after reading something similar at Thailand Chani’s shortly after becoming a blogger. I get occasional spam, but nothing I can’t delete rather quickly because I get email notification of posts automatically. I hope things will go smoothly for you and that others will decide to turn it off too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Does it seem to you like more and more of those are looking like words? I' so glad. It's such a pain to type PhhqrnMz,

  15. You are thinking way too deep for me! LOL but I did notice you turned it off!!

  16. see, this is why YOU deserve every creative blogger award out there! WHAT a great idea for TT! Love it!!

  17. Loved your TT, I'm always somewhat taken back by the practice of word verification! I didn't do a TT this week, but wanted you to know that I've changed the name of one of my blogs.
    was formerly Ecologicallyworn :)


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