Thursday, November 06, 2008

Candles by Victoria Review

I love candles! In fact, I consider myself a "candle connoisseur." So when the Family Review Network gave me the opportunity to review an online candle company, I jumped at the chance!

The name of the company is Candles by Victoria. They're located here in Texas, like me. The candles are hand made with highly scented, creamy paraffin wax, and there are over 500 fragrances available. I received a burgundy-colored Raspberry Tomato Leaf jar candle. I've never heard of tomato leaf, but raspberry is one of my favorites!
What a cute jar! It's sure to look just as charming in your home.

There is a lot of carbon buildup on the wick during the burning process, so be sure to remove the carbon and trim the wick before lighting it each time.

There is a "waxy" aroma during the candle burning process. I can't really describe it, but it may be the "tomato leaf" part of the fragrance since it's almost a plant-like smell. On the other hand, the candle leaves the room smelling very nice for a long time, and it can scent a large room! With so many fragrances to choose from, you're sure to find one you like!
The creamy wax burns evenly. There is very little wax build-up on the jar. That means you really get your money's worth since you won't have "left-overs" on the jar. The wax is completely consumed.

I have burned this candle for hours and hours, so it's one that it going to last a long time.

With Christmas coming up, it's a great time to stock up on fragrance for your home and perhaps buy some candles for gifts. By the way, they make great teacher gifts (hint, hint). I hope you'll visit Candles by Victoria. They have graciously offered my readers a 10% discount off your entire purchase. Just use code word FRN in the discount voucher box during the checkout process. Let me know if you decide to try them!

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  1. Have you ever tried PartyLite Candles? They burn clean, no carbon ball to worry about. They also burn completely so you get your money's worth as well.

  2. I love candles too. I almost always have one burning in my house.

    Thanks for the review. My daughter's middle name is Victoria so you know I love the name. ;)

  3. candles are a must in my house. I like candles that smell good lit or not lit.

  4. i love the mood that candles add to my home too Di, unfortunately I can only use non scented or barely scented candles, or my asthma goes into overdrive.
    thanks for the link.

  5. I love candles. I am a huge Yankee Candle Lover. We go to the outlet in Massachuets all the time for candles.

  6. I love candles, but I never burn them. I just use them for decorations.


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