Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Welcome! Please join us at Sunday Scrappin' for paper crafting! (traditional scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, card-making, or whatever you do!)

My procrastinating step-daughter prevented me from completing a scrapbook page this week because we had to do this... the day before it was due. It was a visual for her college speech class.

I got two Christmas cards completed.


I have two cards to make this week. Maybe I will get a scrapbook page or two completed as well. I have pix set out from my daughter's parade team - they are from 2001. I am so behind! I also need to organize my supplies!


Last week's challenge was to do something for Thanksgiving, but I had done that the previous week.
This week's challenge: try a new template. If you don't know of any that you want to try, there are quite a few printables ones here. Have fun!


  1. Fantastic cards! I love the snowman one, I'm a big fan of snowman. I hope you get some of your goals done this week, there just isn't enough hours in a week sometimes to do everything.

  2. How many people are on your christmas list? you better step it up. lol

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  4. Your cards are very cute, I like them both. I haven't even started my christmas cards, I don't even have an idea yet.

  5. Your cards are gorgoeus Diane, I love the second one the best.

    I hope you get everything done this week and you get to scrap.

    Have a good week ahead.

  6. The cards are SO cute! And how sweet of you to help your stepdaughter with her project. I'm sure she appreciated it! At least I hope so! ;-) Good luck this week :D

  7. Cute, cute cards! We, too had a big project that took most of my creative energy this week.

  8. I love that snowman card, so cute and such detail :)

  9. I love the Christmas cards you made! They are gorgeous.

  10. A scrapper tagged me, and now I'm tagging you - but I don't scrap. How weird is that?

  11. Those cards are wonderful...I'm very fond of snowmen, in particular. AND you are a very good stepmom...I remember when mine helped me with a project the night before it was due (in high school)...I had made up a bunch of stuff that wasn't true and she helped me research the correct information and do it right.


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