Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stupid Cell Phone Company!

My daughter has asked for one gift this Christmas (yes, I've started my shopping). One thing! This cell phone: the LG EnV2.She looked it up online and saw a price, pretty expensive. She said she would pay for half if I would pay for the other half as her Christmas gift. She's pretty good at saving up for things she wants. I went to the "cell phone" store today. (I don't want to say the name.) The price quoted online is quite different from the price at the store. First, there's the online price (high-probably with tons of fine print), then there is the price with a two year agreement (higher), then the price with the one year agreement (even higher), and finally, the full retail price (highest - $120 more than the 2 year price-almost $300!).

Guess which one they want to charge me? Yep! Full retail. So, I was going to extend our agreement to get one of the lower prices, and guess what? They won't let me extend the agreement until the EXACT one year date, December 18. That's ridiculous! I want to get my shopping over with now. Seems like if I'm willing to extend the contract for a year or two after it's technically over, I shouldn't have to wait until the exact date to purchase the phone. Oh, but that would make sense, and this IS a cell phone company after all. They will get you coming and going if they can!

Last resort (other than waiting till December 18) is the employee pricing program through my husband's employer. I am hoping he can help me go ahead and take care of this now, and maybe with a discount off full retail price.

Do cell phone companies drive you nuts, too?


  1. YES! They do! So funny you should post about this.

    Hubby & my 2 yr "free" (I use the term loosely because very rarely do you actually get a new phone with zero cost to you) upgrade has finally arrived. We looked online & found the phones we wanted (I picked the same phone as your daughter).

    We go to the store and leave spending way more money than we anticipated. Huh? How did that happen? Seems the sales only apply to NEW customers. For our discount, we have to look at the retail price. Sure would be nice to know that BEFORE it's rung up. I was thinking my phone would only cost $40. Silly, silly me.

    And!! Why do they not just offer instant rebates? My upgrade was ½ instant and ½ mail-in. Why? ARGH!

    Have room for me on your soapbox? ;) I do hope you are able to get this before Dec. 18th. What a pain!

  2. The squeaky wheels gets the oil. It took me three different operators to the same cell company until I got what I wanted for my son in law. It took time and effort. I didn't even pull out my trump card, which is my blog. I would just say to them...well at least I have something to blog about...then I WOULD say the name of the company in my blog!! It's all true.... your blog has google credit, and when someone looks up the phone it's possible your blog could come up! Mine does on many occasions. Stuff like this is SO WRONG....they get you hooked in, then it's over, they do what they want!!

    This is why I have pay as you go service. Most people need more though!

    Hope you find a solution...keep trying...seriously persistence pays! Just keep repeating " I'm not happy" like a mantra to them!!
    You know the old adage.... the customers always right, keep them happy! Especially during these times! Customer service will be what keeps many companies afloat!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Your post and last two comments are sooo true! And I'm so glad to read about the clout our blog has. Makes sense...if companies are willing to pay for someone to post about their product, it stands to reason that it would work the other way around. And yes, the stupid cell phone thing has happened to me too. Last time I went in, I picked from the two "free phones" they offered with the plan I wanted, but then the lady rang me up and the phone cost over 100.00! So I called my husband. He got really mad. He's had a company phone and account with this company for a while, so he talked to the saleslady for a long time, then talked to a supervisor, then got online and talked to a supervisor there. But after I got off the phone with him, she double talked me until I was so confused and then I felt stupid because I had no idea why she was still charging my 50.00 and I didn't want to look stupid and have to call my husband again. I think I was in there over an hour and still ended up paying for something I shouldn't have.

  4. I think cell phone companies are the biggest rip off. I got rid of mine.

  5. I've never understood why the offer better deals to new customers than current ones. You would think they'd be doing everything they can to keep them.

  6. Cell phone companies drive me nuts!!!!! I deal with our cell phone account at work!!! It's such a joke!!!!!

  7. & the cell phone company screwed Mr S over last year! They told us he got a $50 rebate on his phone! Then the phone company sent back a post card that said you don't get a $50 Rebate! It's all a bunch of crap!!!!!


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