Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tennis Elbow

I don't play tennis, but I have "tennis elbow" in my right arm.

Back when I was participating in tae kwon do (which was a great workout and stress reliever), I developed Lateral Epicondylitis, commonly called tennis elbow, in my right arm. It's caused by repetitive and forceful movement of the forearm which is why many tennis and raquetball players develop it. Meatcutters often get it, too.

So what's my excuse since I'm not doing tae kwon do anymore? Why did it return? Probably from the everyday overuse that comes with sweeping, mopping, chopping vegetables, lifting heavy objects, and that type of activity. Sometimes there is no obvious cause. All I know is that it hurts.

The doctor diagnoses it by pressing on the bony part of the outside of the elbow. The patient also presses against resistance to determine the severity of the condition.

There isn't much that can be done. Last time I had it, it was so awful that the doctor did cortisone injections in my elbow, which hurt like crazy, but they helped with the pain and healing in the long run. Thank goodness it's not that severe this time. All I can do is use ice, over the counter pain relievers, and try to rest it. Thank goodness typing won't make it worse! At least, I hope.

Want to know more about tennis elbow?
Mayo Clinic
American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons


  1. Oh my gooness. I have always said household chores are dangerous and painful that's why it's in the best interest to hire a maid.

    I had to make a trip to the dr. yesterday to. I have a horrible eye infection woke up and my whole eye was swollen and part of my face. It's better today though.

    HOpe you feel better soon.

  2. awww so sorry Diane. Gee, when you start naming all the chores a mom does and you only named 1% of them! I think.. Holy moly we are all working just too damn hard!
    I think I have tennis inner thigh. is that possible? I hurt my upper inner thigh while walking the board walk in high heels. yes i DO know what that sounds like!
    I was in comfortable 'born' sandals that happen to have a 3 or 4 inch platform, and my friend suggested a long walk. That was back in Sept!!
    Hope YOU heal real quickly! xo

  3. I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon! No tennis elbow here, but I have dancer's knees and ankles, and they've been giving me a lot of pain lately. Sux.

  4. Dont you love that you can look everything up on the internet.

  5. I am so sorry! I hope it doesn't get more severe and gives you some relief soon. That's just not fun. :(

  6. Funny thing...I think that I've come down with the same condition by playing, of all things, disc golf. I started throwing a different way and my arm ends up in pain if I throw too much. I hate getting old.

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog recently.

  7. Ouch, you poor thing. I hope the pain relief is helping you and you are on the mend soon.


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