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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Laundry Room

One of my favorite blogs, I'm an Organizing Junkie has a monthly "round-up". Each month, we're supposed to organize a certain room in our homes. I've been able to participate several times this year. February was dedicated to the kitchen. In May, I did my son's room. In July, we were challenged to oranize under our bathroom sinks. And in August, we did the entryway.

November was the laundry room, and here is mine, such as it is. Not so much a room as a closet, in my opinion, and certainly not the laundry room of my dreams (is there such a thing?) But, I've had to be creative and use what I have to work with.
First we have the view of the left side, then a view of the center, and last, a view of the right side. I'm fairly organized as it is, but there were a few things I needed to do.

First, the whole room needed a good cleaning. I don't think the blinds had been dusted since I moved in 3 and a half years ago. Next, I needed to clean off the machines themselves. It's amazing what you'll find behind a washer and dryer, and not just socks (a ski glove? hangers! unbelievable amounts of lint)! I had to toss some things my step-daughter put in there when she returned from college last summer such as a pop up hamper, a disabled DVD player, and a picture she no longer wanted hanging in her room.

On the left, I refolded the extra towels and made a stack for regular bath towels, a stack for beach towels, and added a plastic container for extra blankets and pillows so they won't fall off the shelf. I still have my bar for hanging items that I don't want in the dryer.

On the right, we have three stacks: flat sheets (because for some reason, my children don't always like to use the flat sheet on their beds, and I just don't get this); full size sheets, and twin size sheets. I made labels for each stack. On the shelf underneath these I have pillow-cases, my refresh'n dryer towel, and a box of dryer sheets.
I wish there was some other place to keep the laundry detergent and bleach, but there is just nowhere else to put another shelf, so those have to stay on top of the dryer.

After I cleaned the floors, I was finished, and it feels good. Wonder how long it will stay this way?


  1. Love your new blog header. Very festive! Love it! You are so organized. I wish I was as organized as you. You amaze me!

  2. Great job on your laundry room. I so need to move my washer and vacuum. It must be really gross.

  3. Your laundry looks amazing Diana, seeing you post about toyr housework and decluttering makes me want to join in too. lol

  4. What is a refresh'n dryer towel?

  5. sustainstheweary - tried to find out how to contact your blog, but there's no link. Go here to see a refresh'n dryer towel.

  6. WOW! your laundry room is MY dream laundry room! MINE is such a MESS, I would be too emabarrassed to show pictures di! haha
    I have space, but all i do is clutter it up! and my dryer is vented poorly so the freaking lint is eVERYwhere! and Unfortunately it's the last room I ever get a chance to vacuum! YOU HAVE to come help me get organized !! :-/

  7. You did a great job! AS far as the bottles, do you have enough room between the washer and dryer to get one of those super skinny shelves? They are designed to roll out from between washers and dryers...

  8. Help, am I too late....... nanette

  9. You did really well!!! Yes after cleaning up ,, the next problem is how to keep it clean all the time!!! I have a problem on that area... Its a challenge!!!! Mine is up

  10. wow, so tidy! You even cleaned the floors! Great job.

  11. I know I had to clean my laundry room too! And I don't consider cleaning nearly as fun as organizing! Your room looks great!

  12. Good for you! You got quite a bit done. ;)


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