Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ferrero - Share Something Sweet

I am a a Ferrero Rondnoir™ Dark Chocolates Personality: modern, tasteful, and complex - according to the cute "What Chocolate Are You" quiz I just took. Ferrero Rocher is one of the most popular candies in my family, those beautiful gold-wrapped chocolates that melt in your mouth. My mom and my 12 year old always ask for them for gifts. I'm definitely going to try the Rondnoir candies. I love dark chocolate!

I came across a website called "Share Something Sweet." This year Ferrero has donated $150,000 to Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to making sure no child in America grows up hungry.

The Ferrero Company is giving us a chance to add to that donation. Right now, if you log on to Share Something Sweet and use it to "send something sweet" (that is, a customizable e-card), Ferrero will donate another $1 per e-card sent, up to $10,000. And for every person that joins the Ferrero Facebook page, "Ferrero Lovers Unite," Ferrero will donate another $1 to Share Our Strength (up to $1,000):

No giveaway in this post - just giving back. What are you waiting for? Let's help make a difference!


  1. oh those are my favorites too. love your holiday look..

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm currently off marmite and tea due to being pregnant!

    Yummy chocolates "Mr ambassador you're really spoiling us!"

    I'm off to send an e-card now, nice idea :)

  3. It's looking a lot like Christmas over here. Nice job! Thank you Ferrero!

    BTW The cabbage plant is Kale.

  4. That is some good chocolate! I'll join the facebook group and send an email. No child should grow up hungry. Ever. Anywhere. Thanks for spreading the word!

    Love your new header!

  5. Great post for a great cause!! BTW..I love your suggestions for my new blog name:))

  6. Ive never been a fan of Ferrero Rocher but I did the quiz and I am Ferrero Rondnoir Dark Chocolates.

    Personality: You have a tendency to be drawn to all things elegant, modern and tasteful. lol

  7. I got the plain chocolates one. I am 'sweet, charming and lovable'. They forgot to say that's on a good day! haha

  8. hey - I'm a ferrero rondnoir too! I guess we are alot alike! And that is one of my fave holiday treats so it fits!


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